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October 29, 2005, 2:23 pm

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You might think this is just crippled man living in the woods, but he has been through alot more than you would think.

Special Equipment:

The Hummingbird. A broadsword with a shimmering blade (It’s very bright and noticable). It is weightless, and can be swung twice as fast as any normal sword. If the blade is concealed or covered 66% or more, it will burst into flames.


Kagmond wears dark clothing and has black, long (Eye length) hair. His eyes are black (You can see his eyes through his hair) and his left arm dangles lifelessly at his side. He looks fairly dark and is very quiet, but he is kind and humble. He doesn’t joke around very often, but when he laughs he can’t stop laughing (He finds alot of jokes, even not very funny ones, funny). He doesn’t smile very often either, and he is very sincere. Sometimes he winces and holds his arm because it still hurts on and off. He can sit still and be perfectly happy for hours on end, and this makes people feel a little awquard when he has visitors. He isn’t a very talkative person.


Kagmond grew up having a wealthy and very happy life with his father, Gavus (His mother died while giving birth to him). His father was a blacksmith for a royal Lord, and the the Lord was very generous and paid his servants well. At the age of 7 a massive army of Eastron men came (although he doesn’t know what kind of men they were, for he hasn’t seen them before) and laid siege on the manor which the servants lived. Both sides suffered great losses, but in the end of it all the Eastrons broke through and slaughtered almost everyone. Kagmond can remember exactly… bit by bit what happened to a guard he saw as he was hiding from behind a barrel ( Kagmond was out watching this happen… disobeying his father’s wishes to stay home while he went and fought). The guard ran up to the Eastron to attack him, but the enemy beheaded him right there. It gives him nightmares still to this day. The remainder of the guards were able to kill off the rest of the enemies… but almost everyone in the manor was dead… only 13 people survived… one of them being Kagmond (Ofcaurse, otherwise there wouldn’t be much of a story, huh?). Kagmond was in shock from watching the whole ordeal, and wandered right out the door. No one saw him leave.

His father had actually lived through this garison (He was fighting, ofcaurse) and he looked all over for his son. He thought he perished, however, because his house was burned to the ground. With time he grew cold and bitter and died at a fairly young age of some unknown cause. Many say it was because of the loss of his son.

Meanwhile, Kagmond was walking about on the main road (Still in shock, ofcaurse), and was picked up by a man riding on a cart. The man didn’t know what was wrong with the boy, considering all he did to communicate with the boy would fail. He figured the he was just deaf and blind, so he took him to a mage back in the town to see if he could do anything for Kagmond. The mage eventually (After trying many spells) figured out he was in shock and brought him out of it (Free of charge, the mage saw it as a challenge). Kagmond was confused after waking up because the last thing he remembered was the incedent with the guard. He asked alot of questions about where he was, his father, who they were, why he was there, etc etc. They both answered what they could, and the mage knew about the battle (He saw it in a vision), but the mage thought the manor was completely destroyed. The man that found Kagmond told the mage that he would raise him as his own son.

That man, named Beldin, adopted the boy and raised him as he raised all of the other hundreds of children he adopted… in child labor. For many many years Kagmond endured in pushing and pulling a large, stone wheel that he shouldn’t have been with several other children (It was used to grind wheat). At the age of 14, Kagmond was doing his usual duty of pushing the wheel when he slipped and fell. His arm was crushed under the massive wheel, and loss use of it (Beldin didn’t send him to the mage. It costed far much more than he would ever spend on Kagmond). Beldin threw him out… he was now useless and was costing more to keep then if he were to just live out in a world he didn’t understand.

He lived on the streets for many years, begging for scraps and the like. One day, he saw someone he recognised from when he was a child and he ran up to him. He was Palver, a close friend and companion of his fathers. Palver was a little confused at first (Kagmond was 18, and he was quite a bit different looking then he was when he was 7), but he was happy to see that Kagmond lived through the whole ordeal. Palver was sad, however, that he lived the life he did, so he took him in as a servant (He lived in a fairly nice estate). He treated Kagmond very well and educated him in many things. Palver trained him in combat as well, and Kagmond proved to be fairly talented with the blade (One handed, ofcaurse… It was too late to save his arm). After a couple of years under Palver, Kagmond longed to live in the forest… just a little place of his own that he could own. Palvar offered to build him a massive mansion, and Kagmond was really happy that he would build it for him, but he only wanted a small house.

Palver had his house built, but was aprehensive about letting Kagmond leave. He knew Kagmond could live on his own, but he wanted him to stay around. Kagmond told him he would visit him often (Once a week or so), so Palver was at ease with letting him go. Palver gave him his trusted broad sword, the Hummingbird, before he left. Kagmond now lives his days quietly and secluded deep in a forest only the locals know about.

Roleplaying Notes:

This character is very versetile, and can be used in almost any medieval setting (Or with a little tweaking, even a modern or futeristic setting).

It’s almost awquard when people stay at his house, because he isn’t very talkative, and all he does is sit there and brood in his own thoughts (Although quiet people or people annoyed by talking might find that a comfort).

If anyone is good and kind to him, he will help them to the best of his abilities… even going along with them if they need him. If people are rude or mean to him, however, he will quietly close his door or walk off. He isn’t afraid to defend himself, and he is alot better at fighting than he apears.

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Comments ( 9 )
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June 16, 2003, 16:00
I like this character better than my last one. =) Although I must say this one reminds me of Oliver Twist for some reason ::rubs my chin::. If you see something wrong or have suggestions, let me know!
June 16, 2003, 16:09
Probably because he used to beg on the streets.

I don't really understand your description of the Hummingbird. Does it mean if 66% of the sword is covered in cloth, it will burst into flames?
June 16, 2003, 17:01
Hahaha, or the child labor thing. As for the Himmingbird, no. It means if more then 66% of the blade is covered in ANYTHING, it bursts into flames. This means anything from a sheath to the flesh of an orc. It's both a good and bad thing. The metal on the blade is very shiney, so it is very easily seen. The only way you can hide it is to put behind your back.

Please mum, may I have some more?
June 16, 2003, 17:04
So you can't sheath the sword?
June 16, 2003, 17:09
Never. You can put it on a sword belt, but you cannot have a sheath covering it.
June 16, 2003, 17:11
Oh. Allright. I get it now. Cool, yo. Put it in items.
June 16, 2003, 17:37
Thanks. =) I will later on tonight.
June 17, 2003, 6:12
Nice character with a well thought-out history. As you say it could be used anywhere
Voted valadaar
January 26, 2007, 15:49
Interesting. Seriously needs spellchecking.

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