This letter is addressed to Kagmond by the hand of Palver.

Greetings to you Kagmond, how is your life treating you lately? At the manor, things are quiet as usual. I don't like this new servant that much, he brought me the wrong course at dinner. When he did bring me the right one he tripped and dumped it all over me. I suppose I should be patient, however... I remember how you were when I first took you in.

The reason I sent you this letter was to tell you about that sword I gave you before you left. That blade was crafted by your father's father. During the war with the Fenril peoples, your grandfather and my father created weopons for several of the troops. My father created a formula that he would dip several of the blades into to make them quick and almost weightless. As a result of this, the blade must be exposed to the air as much as possible. If more than half of the blade is covered, it will cumbust into flames and burn whatever it touches with explosive force. I learned this the hard way when I bought a special sheath for my sword. The sword you bear is the sword your father used during the war with the Fenril, and is one of the most finely crafted works your grandfather ever made. He gave it to me after your disapearance... He lost his will to fight. Wear it proudly, and be careful.

I found my father's old formulas for several different blades your father crafted. I wish now that I would have become an alchemist like he told me to... I will send you copies of these formulas when I have the chance, Kagmond.

I had better go and get this letter sent, I heard a loud crash and I am pretty sure the new servant had something to do with this. Maybe if I have him send this letter to you it can keep him out of trouble. You stay out of trouble too, kagmond. May your ancestors watch over you, and keep your head high.

Magical Properties:

This broadsword is finely crafted and has had special care put into it. The handle of the sword is black soft leather wrapped in wire. On the hilt of the blade, there is a depiction of a hummingbird resting on a branch. Along the blade is a prayer from Kagmond's grandfather to Kagmond's father. The blade it's self is coated in something resembling dried slugslime and shimmers all sorts of different colors against the light. The blade is one of the first things noticed, and can be seen clearly from a short distance even in moonlight (Not complete dark). If more than 66% of the blade (The actual blade, not the whole sword) is covered, it will combust into flames, but the coating will remain and the blade it'self will be undamaged. The sword it'self doesn't have any extra damage modifications, however, it does attack twice in the amount of time it takes to attack in whole turn with a normal weopon due to it's near weightlessness. Other blades like this can be found, but it's doubtful that any would be as nicely crafted as this one.