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A single arrow suitable to be fired from any sort of bow. The wood of the shaft has a unique vitrious color, and the feathers of the fletching are bright green and gold in color. The arrow has a bodkin point head made of high quality elven mithril.

Among the denizens of Lorug Phreng (insert suitable elven forest full of druids and rangers) there was no fletcher who could make arrows as fine as an elf known only as Jugen the Fletcher. For many years Jugen simply made his arrows and sold them to the rangers of the Phreng so that their shots would be the best possible to take down the orcs, trolls, and other monsters that threatened the forest.

It came to pass that Jugen's eldest daughter was to wed. She gave her hand to a powerful and worthy warrior from the camp of the rangers. Being a humble fletcher, having never charged more than any other fletcher, Jugen did not have great wealth and struggled to come up with something to provide for his daughter's dowry to the ranger. After some consideration he decided to make the best quiver of arrows that he could, the finest arrows ever made.

He took the largest part of what he could spare from his gold and purchased two dozen mithril arrowheads, blessed by the God of the forest and the elves. To make the shafts he sought the wood of Lindorm Ash, a tree of the elder days that had become rare in his time. In modern times, there is naught left of the Lindorm ash but a few sticks of furniture and wooden relics. Jugan was patient and crafted two dozen shafts straight as the sun's path. Finally he sought out the feathers of the most commanding of avians, the Timberwing Eagle. Drawing a number of feathers from one of these magnificent avians, Jugen fletched his masterwork arrows.

With the last of his available wealth, he commisioned a human leatherworker to craft a quiver to place the arrows in and to have it suitably enchanted. Arrows placed within the magic quiver would be protected from being warped or broken so long as they remained inside. Pleased with his work and close to broke, the Master Fletcher presented his new-to-be son in law with the quiver of green fletched arrows. The ranger was visibly pleased, as each arrow was as perfect as Jugan's daughter was beautiful. The story of the ranger is well known among the elves, as his actions are the stuff of 12 volumn elven epic poems.

The Last Arrow
But arrows do not last long, for even the best arrow seldom survives the first shot, let along the second. Over the years the arrows were loosed. The list of foes defeated by the last of the arrows is illustrious, a dragon slain, a giant shot through the braincase, and a powermad necromancer pierced through the windpipe. But still attrition dwindled their numbers until only one arrow was left, passed from the ranger to his son, who passed it to his son.

No new arrows could be made, for Jugan himself eventually passed beyond the borders of this world as the elves are wont to do. Yet even if there was one who could match his skill, there are no Lindorm Ash trees left to make the shafts, nor are there any Timberwing Eagles left in this world to give their long-flying feathers for fletching. The arrow remains as a legacy, as well as an heirloom of the Ranger's bloodline and the children of the Lorug Phreng.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The power of Jugan's Arrow is estimated to be much greater than it actually is. In game terms, the arrow has three times the standard range of an arrow, ignores any penalties for anything less than 100% cover, and has no negative penalty for a called shot. Other than this, it grants no bonus to skill, or to damage, it is not any sort of Arrow +5 as many might think it is. In simple terms, whatever the archer shoots at, he is very likely to hit.

But the arrow carries a heavy cost, it is iconic to the people of the Phreng, a figure from their history and their epic literature. Bards sing of Jugan's well made arrows, children end disputes of ranger and bandit by shouting Jugan's arrow, causing the 'bandit' child to clutch at his heart and feign death. Older elves swear by Jugan's arrows as a demonstration of truth, or to say that something is straight and true. Should the last arrow be broken, it would be considered the loss of a regional legacy, and unless lost in a suitably heroic fashion, the shooter could face alot of hostility.

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