Full Description
The Janim are an enigma of the Wastelands, part plant and part animal. The outer rind is thick and green, covered with sharp spines and thorns, and unless given close inspection looks like nothing more than a common cactus of other desert plant. If cut, the plant bleeds a runny greenish sap and emits a thin wail. If the core of the plant is cut into, it bleeds red blood and screams and flails about with thorny limbs.

Should they decide to become mobile, the Janim resembles a comical humanoid, pot bellied with stumpy arms and legs. The eye spots are limited at best, but the creature can see and smell well enough to avoid hunting areas and to get out of the way of more dangerous predators. Barely three feet tall, they are only a threat to lone travelers, or those weakened by exposure to the desert.

Additional Information
The origin of the Janim is not exactly known, but they are found across the sandy and rocky parts of the desert Wastelands. They are a hybrid of both plant and animal, with dual circulatory systems (blood and sap) and the ability to survive by photosynthesis and root absorption as well as consuming organic matter through a primitive stomach like sack. Like the fish-like Samaki the Janim are bottom rung creatures in the Wastelands, primarily prey for larger herbivores and predators.

The Janim has two methods of self preservation. The most direct method is that the creature can uproot itself and run away with surprising alacrity. Most humans would be hard pressed to catch a Janim at full run. The second method is that developed janim can throw their thorns, often three or four times before exhausting their supply. These thorns are a nuisance most of the time, but are incredibly painful to catch in the eye, nostrils, and mouth. Janim do tend to aim for the face.

Janim Fruit
Large and bulbous red pods, janim fruit are highly coveted by most intelligent creatures. The spongy flesh of the fruit is very nourishing, and the juice inside has a minor restorative effect, much like a weak curative spell. The seeds inside pass easily through the digestive system and a few days after being 'expelled' sprout to grow into new Janim.

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