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June 25, 2016, 9:15 pm

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One of the more terrible black treasures held in the vaults of the Atlantic Federation, the mutilated torso of a still living infested auton

JNVA, colloquially known as J-Nova, the entity consists of the ruined torso of a military adjutant droid. The machine was destroyed in a dimensional fatigue event, and was quickly occupied and classified as a redacted information. The adjutant reanimated and was central in the occupation and eventual destruction of a classified terrestrial location (many suspect the now defunct Nebel Arcology). The facility was retaken by a coordinated effort of Federation Reflex teams, naval units, and classified personnel. The adjutant was disabled, the arcology was decimated, and most information about it was wiped from the records.


JNVA was a standard issue UAC 'Angela' series adjutant. Formerly, the machine had a feminine aspect, but was composed of a blue tinted plastic with basic droid components. As a pribnow, adjutants were not autonomous, but were tethered to a core system. JNVA, lacked anything other than a head and upper torso. After the infestation of the unit, it grew a layer of organic skin over the plastic and ceramic components. This was a largely uniform layer of flesh, and was by contamination terms, very unusual. Where most hekatonkheires are more cancerous than anything else, JNVA was manifesting as a cohesive and organized biological organism. At the time of JNVA's destruction and initial containment, the unit had become autonomous, had organic arms, a slug like tail, and large fleshy wing like structures on it's back.

The Reflex Team that took down JNVA used a combination of hyperedge blades, pulse rifles, and psychotronic 'screamer' grenades. The abomination would be stunned by the grenades while the team would attempt to pin it down with rifle fire. Finally, the CQB elements would move in and remove a limb, deal a grievous injury to the abdomen, or attempt to decapitate. More than half of the team was killed or contaminated by JNVA. This contamination wouldn't become known until several years later.


NEBEL was a high security SCP center, with extensive holding facilities and research capabilities. At the facility, the specimen was given the designation JNVA, and placed under examination. JNVA was eventually classified as a high risk asset and research was suspended pending a number of accidents, and one near containment breach. The specimen was frozen in liquid nitrogen, and then placed a cryo-stasis unit and placed in the containment vault under NEBEL.

JNVA would have remained in indefinite suspension if it had not been for SV-Vinge, the Black Angel. SV-Vinge was a high ranking member of the Kingdoms of Scandinavia's elite Einherjar program, nordic supersoldiers. SV-Vinge was well known for his black attire, ability to levitate, and a seven foot long curved hyperedge scimitar. It is not known how or when, but SV-Vinge was contaminated by JNVA was drawn back to the dormant specimen. His rampage through the NEBEL facility caused a significant amount of damage, including releasing dozens of other creatures held in cryo-storage. The high ranking Einherjar escaped after finding and liberating JNVA. Less than a year later, following a six week campaign to contain the damage, NEBEL was shut down.

Incident on the Unpansen

The Unpansen was a privately owned and operated long range cargo ship operating under the aegis of the Pan-Pacific Trading Company. The ship, with a crew of 19, typically carried supplies to outer colonies, and ferried back refined materials. The ship was infiltrated by SV-Vinge and his cargo, JNVA. The frozen horror thawed in the forward cargo hold of the ship and reanimated. The horror largely shed it's humanoid form, becoming a distended biomass. The crew of the ship was slain, and emergency systems disabled the engines and boosted the Unpansen out of the main shipping lane.

The Contingency Programs of the Unpansen worked flawlessly. Had the ship been left alone, both SV-Vinge and JNVA would have remained lost in space indefinitely. It is rather unfortunate that the ship was first found by a mining recovery and salvage vessel. The small crew of the salvage ship woke SV-Vinge from his hibernation unit on the ship after a semi-dormant JNVA attacked them, killing all but two. SV-Vinge killed the remaining junkers, decapitated JNVA, and fled on their ship. It is assumed that SV-Vinge lacked the knowledge or skill to pilot the Unpansen, or had been locked out by the crew before their demise. That is largely left to conjecture now, as the Unpansen fell into an unrecoverable and unstable orbit. The location of the ship is unknown. Most assume that it entered the atmosphere of Jupiter where it and it's cargo burned up. There is a small chance that the ship was sling-shot out of Jovian orbit and on a trajectory out of the solar system.

The Tell-Tale Head

That's an urban legend among urban legends, mate. There are stories about a cryptic man in black, obviously troubled and likely suffering from PTSD and psychotraumatic fatigue. In those stories, he's a veteran, dangerous and mad, carrying a large bag that he talks to. There are plenty of variations, but almost all of them involve a contaminated cybernetic head. There are versions where he hunts after the appropriate body, cutting off the heads of young women to replace theirs with the metal head in the bag. These are typically warning tales, telling young people to avoid certain areas, and a remonstrance of improper behavior.

SV-Vinge escaped from the Unpansen, and then the Junker ship. Authorities traced his path back to Mars, and then lost him. It is likely that he found refuge in the largely Nordic-European city-state of Astrokraszny. The interesting thing is that the stories about the man with a head in a bag didn't start circulating until several years after the loss of the cargo ship, and rather than Mars, started on the Moon instead. By tracking the memetic trail of the story, it is likely that SV-Vinge escaped from Mars and eventually made it to the Moon and then to Earth. The densest instances of this story are found in the United States of South America (EUdADS) and in the Caribbean League.

HERA (Homeland Espionage and Reconnaissance Agency) of New Themyscira has an active file on SV-Vinge and JNVA, although not having been given any information pertinent to the investigation. The file, Codename Ichabod, covers the details of an unknown class three threat that has eluded capture twice and has killed two Amazon agents. The investigation started after a number of young women were found headless, their bodies contaminated with known exogenic chemicals. After the first Amazon investigator was sent and went missing, 'Ichabod' would be later encountered with a cybernetic companion, the body of the first investigator with a cybernetic head attached to the neck. The body showed demonstrable mutation, tentacles, cancerous elasticity, and manifested parapsychic abilities.

Operation Homecoming was launched by the ATFED PSICOM, and involved three units of parapsi ops supported by classified military assets. Using information liberated from the Amazons and the NEBEL facility, the operation succeeded in apparently killing SV-Vinge and capturing JNVA. SV-Vinge demonstrated enhanced parapsychic abilities and physical mutations. The shattered cranium of the adjutant was recovered. The head was attached to an isolated computer system, allowing the entity to recover and establish communications with the host. The recovered JNVA is fully enclosed in an armor shell that is it's biological prison.

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Voted Mageek
July 1, 2016, 1:15
Love the idea of a cancerous torso automaton covered in infested flesh. Don't have anything to add.

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