We now have nifty new Generator creation tool made by our own Chaosmark. A good number of generators have been made using this tool and this article discusses those. The older generators - cool, but require direct coding, can be found here. If you are looking for help with using the generators, you can find some here.

Lets go though a few. So far I seem to have created the most - lets change that folks!

Name Generators

Bulk Dwarven Names by Valadaar where you can find Thron OrcSlayer, Bombfur GoldHead and Oru MudVault.

Germanic Name Generator by Dozus. Creates names like Thusmuat, or Remisinelda.

Hanaset Name Generator by Valadaar - Names for a specific ethnic group in The World of Neyathis. Names like Matut,Raruz, and Lahez.

Middle Earth Dwarf Namer By Valadaar Gives names like Teli, Floi, Bour and Dafur.

Namenator by Valadaar. Odd names like Zech, Juter, Onaelip and Nieth. Uses forms I use in many of my subs.

Orc Name Generator By Valadaar. Orc like Gradak GreatWard, Opatum FoulApatr,

Apung GoreUngad and Agadod GutOhuh can be found here.

Random Names by Dozus. Quite Random in fact. Gives a bunch of names at once, like Julrey Om, Shaph Itlud,Phil Ijat and Roburnius Buqui

British Ship Names By Valadaar. Hail Britannia! British sounds ship names like Magnificent,St. George, Ruby Prize and Torbay.

Plot Related Generators

Legendary Cures and Antidotes, by Valadaar. Need an epic mission to send your PC's off on? Try one of these from a generator that explores many of the subs on Strolens. For example:

8.) Within the expanse of the Destinen Wood lives a beautiful bird found only in that cursed wood, beautiful in defiance of that realms dread powers. Silent, but of shimmering silver it is very agile and alert. A brace of it's feathers are required to create the curative preparation.

NPC Generators

We all need NPCs. Here are generators that create them:

Assassins! By Valadaar. From 30 Assassins. Get fine folks like this fellow:

Melthavian Longstrike

A classical ‘sniper', Melthavan uses a very well made crossbow for his assassinations, and will use magic if available. Patient to a fault, Melthavian will wait for up to a couple of days for the right shot. When not on a job, the somewhat short man is quiet and unassuming, working usually as a scribe or clerk. He often works with Zudarin Asvog.(Ed. Another Assassin from 30 Assassins)

Gossamer's Spouse Generator

A greatly detailed generator to produce a spouse for your character or NPC. Generates blocks of details such as these:

Looks: Attractive and Bizarre

Eyes: Doe-Eyed, One Blue, One Green

Hair: Smarmy, Greying, Ponytail

Skin: Fair

Wealth: Even the Gods Owe Them Money

Fertility: Barren

Traits: Nature Loving, Civilization Loving, Timid

Primary Motivation: Beauty

Origin: Supernatural


1. A Mercenary Person Hostile Because Cultural Differences

2. A Mercenary Person Friendly Because Childhood Friend

Merchant Generator by Valadaar. Selections from 30 Merchants, such as:

Ornaby Methwick, Desperate Fruit Monger

'Are you sure you don't want any Allanda fruit? Please, I'll cut you a deal! I really need to make this sale, or the tax collector will close me down and throw me into debtor's prison, and then my daughters will be sold into slavery....'

This scarecrow-like man operates a well-stocked fruit stand and is always trying to clinch a deal as if his life depended upon it. He will whine and beg, saying he needs money to pay for protection, cover his taxes, settle his dead wife's medical expenses, et cetera. Unlike Ranale Tyrmunk, he actually is in dire straits: His desperate attempts to make a sale may be interrupted by burly thugs harassing him about his debts. Unsympathetic characters who refuse to buy anything may see the unfortunate man pilloried in the town square on the following day.

Villians!From Scras's excellent 30 Villians and Fiends! Meet such lovelies as

The Sorcerer Sky Shadow

Once a dangerous inmate locked in one of the Kingdom's darkest and most secure prisons, the man who would become Sky Shadow made a pact with an extra-planar horror and gained his magical powers. With his newfound might, Sky Shadow turned the prison into his lair with the convicts as his press ganged henchmen. His moniker comes from the giant bat he summons with magic when he has the need to travel. One day, his horrific master will return to claim Sky Shadow and when the time comes, the Sorcerer plans to be ready with a heady offering of sacrificial souls and other offerings drawn from his growing cancerous kingdom

Monsters and Creatures

Fantasy Hounds by Valadaar. Looking for a Fantasy Dog? Look no further. Get wonderful hounds like:


Also known as Soul-hounds, these medium sized dogs are capable of tracking the passage of souls and spirits. This ability allows them to track beings across running water, after inclement weather or in very smelly environments. They are bred by the Ulthavians and are never sold outside of their people. Even within their society, the dogs are permitted to be handled only by a select order of trackers. These trackers hire themselves out to other peoples, as they are unparalleled in their ability to hunt down fugitives. Creatures without proper spirits or souls are undetectable to the Alshavian.

Uhthavian folklore includes legends of a ghostly Alshavian which bites at men's souls, bringing illness and bad luck.

Walking Dead By Valadaar. From 30(+) Walking Dead. Get a non-standard zombie here. Like this one:

The Broken Victim

Her coachman tried to rein the team of horses back in, but in their wild dash he fell from the carriage, and his customer was found dead along with the horses in the ravine where the broken pieces finally stopped rolling. Her limbs are mangled and broken and she screams through what is left of her throat...where is her coachman, she has a meeting to attend...everyone is waiting

Street Gang Generator by Dozus. Hey, who doesn't need a good Street Gang. Makes things like these folks:

The Golden Eagle Club are an ultra violent gang that operate around the city's temple. They're known for blackmailing the city's wealthy. Most members are followers of an obscure cult, and can be identified by the gang's slogan chanted by groups of members. The orcish ex-convict that leads the gang goes by Hamei the Jacket. The gang is planning the assassination of a major political figure to increase its notoriety.

Town Leader Generator By Dozus. And towns need leaders. Who is your towns leader? Might be this lady:

The head alderman is Kenerm Rom, an elderly, dwarven noble. The head alderman was selected on the belief they are a reincarnation of the last official. An inept leader, Rom is mostly liked, but distrusted by artisan guilds. Rom's policies attempt to limit public spending, putting sumptuary laws on the books and reducing public welfare funds. She does not like to micromanage, but she will be in semi-constant contact with her subordinates making sure that they are following up with her wishes.

Aristocrats! From Ria Hawks 30 Aristocrats. Looking for a random nobel or fop? You can get one here, perhaps this one. Getting a name shouldn't be problem since we have lots of name generators.

The Machiavelli

This aristocrat is a master of playing both sides against the middle. He is quite adept at the eternal game of politics, and understands psychology so well that he doesn't have a very hard time of getting people to do what he wants and serving his own ends. He won't be a serious threat to the throne, but you can bet he will be the power behind it.

Equipment, Weapons and Armor

Beans! Magic Beans By Valadaar. Who doesn't like magic beans. I sure do, which is why I created this set. A sample of my wares:

28. A small hole opens. If someone reaches in or digs it wider, they find a small wooden box. Within the unlocked box is either a Ring of Disappearance or Wolve's Revenge.

Books! From Manfred's awesome Books codex. Find such works as

Tomu's Pillow Book by Tomu (?)

Tomu is a popular Barbarian deity of love, sex, and women. This book is a description of the godly dalliances and trysts of Tomu (with no details left out and explicit illustrations), with a description of the sexual techniques and poses used by Tomu and her lovers therein. The last section of the book is an explanation of the theories of sexual power and the magic it provides, as well as techniques for getting and giving the most in a sexual encounter. The book is said to have been written by Tomu herself, though it probably was not; in the country it originates in, it is common and perfectly acceptable for authors to attribute their works to a famous hero or God. Tomu's Pillow Book commands high prices on the market of books, and is very popular with the nobility. All courtesans and concubines inevitably possess this book.

Flawed Potions By Valadaar. When you need a bad or mostly bad potion, you can look here. Get something like

Giant Size

This potion causes the user to quickly quadruple in height and weight, with physical strength and agility adjusted accordingly. This effect extends only to the person of the imbiber and does not affect their equipment. Hopefully any leather straps on the armour will give out first. Growth occurs at a rate desired by the GM. If the user is heavily armoured or in a confined area, then the outcome could be grim.

(The wearer might wish to remove any jewelry before taking, especially if piercings are involved...)

Magic Candles Created from the Magic Candles submission by DragonLordMax, this list has a long list of contributors. See the original submission for details. Its really something! A taste:

Candle of Sunshine

This powerful magical candle will burn for eight hours,and the light it sheds, while not over bright, will sustain plants within 10' as if in natural light. It does not, however, have any supernatural powers ascribed to true sunlight.

Pocket Items! By Various. Taken from What has it got in its pockets?. Contains potentially more than one result, such as:

Small silver leaf pendant. On closer inspection it splits down the center and opens into a knife.

Two pieces of oddly carved and worn soapstone (used for casting pewter medallions)

Mummified finger (or other part, it can be hard to tell) with an engraved bronze ring on it.

Legendary Armor Generator By Dozus. Awesome armor like

This panoply consists of overlapping bands of gleaming steel and features spiked pauldrons. The ancient songs say it was forged in the fires of hell and worn by an undead chieftain while exploring a lost continent. It emanates the faint odor of roses and turns to wood in moonlight. Currently, an evil legionary wears it on a quest for power..

Legendary Weapon Generator Also by Dozus. Awesome weapons like:

This Francisca has a crescent-shaped blade made out of cold iron. It has a short, narrow animal bone haft and a wooden handle. The original owner's name is engraved into the weapon. In historical texts, it was made by a demon and used by a wicked priest while exploring a lost continent. It feels very warm and cuts easily through stone. Currently, it is believed to be in a shipwreck at the bottom of the sea.

Dwarven Legendary Weapons also the Bulk Dwarven Weapon Generator, By Valadaar. Get such weapons as Crystal Halbard, SpiritHunter Spear, GodHunter Knife and Hammer of TreeHunting. (!?)

Dwarven Treasures By Valadaar. Items precious to Dwarves, like:

A chieftain's Scepter. This scepter is about 2' long and heavily built. A steel shaft with gold and silver inlaid base and head. The head is fashioned like a 4-pointed hammer. It is usable as weapon, but its relative softness and great weight make it less than ideal in this role. No less than 1 lb of gold and 2 lbs of silver are used, in addition to a small fortune in semi-precious gemstones.

Saintly Relics! - Taken from the Glorious 30 Saints Relics, an assortment of holy items by Scrasamax and Murometz! You get things like:

The Censer of Saint Cales

Cales of Hilltop Hill was a hard man, unforgiving and almost cruel in his devotion to truth and the Gods. Cales was an investigator and inquisitor of the Faith and was tasked with seeking out heretics and blasphemers. Such was his devotion that on three separate instances that criminals or heretics attended his tomb to confess their sins and ask for atonement. This was seen as miraculous as two of the three men confessed knowing that the only atonement was death in the name of the Gods. A blacksmith was commissioned to craft a special censer, or burning incense holder, shaped in the likeness of one of the gods. While it was planned to be the likeness of the God of Truth and Duty but the blacksmith modeled the bronze face after Saint Cales. The metal was invested with a fingerbone from the dead man and it was later discovered that people breathing in the smoke that comes from the censer's mouth find their secrets and indiscretions crowding in their mouth all fighting to burst out.

Too Fast Too Furious Car Generator by Scrasamax. Roll up a sweet ride like a

Gloss Charcoal 4th gen (1994-2004) Ford Mustang Convertible

Unusual Bullets By Valadaar. Looking for an exotic ammo type? This might fit the bill:

8. Electromagnetic Pulse

Era: Sci-Fi

This bullet is a nano-engineered lattice of lead plates and Teflon-like dielectric. The lead plates are charged with a powerful charge of electricity shortly before firing. Upon impact, the dielectric melts and the entire capacitor discharges, generating a powerful but short range electromagnetic pulse. This pulse can destroy or damage sensitive electronics.

Based (loosely) on flux compression generator bombs, see http://science.howstuffworks.com/e-bomb3.htm for details


Temple Generator by Dozus. An Magnus Opus of a Generator. You get _this_ with each roll. All of it. Amazing!

The Temple

This towering temple is found in in a large trade city. The exterior is apparently made from glass bricks. Inside, has an open ceiling, the sky acting as the temple's roof and features a large metal brazier with a blazing sacred fire. Everything has been done up in trendy styles.

The Faith

The temple is dedicated to local nature spirits. The faithful here are heretics to their religious authorities. A convent is attached and cloistered nuns are found at most services.

The Relic

White Wand of Wobenhat the Wily

Wobenhat was a strange figure in local history, a mage by profession and a collector of oddities and maker of unique acquaintances by habit. Where many mages often are disparaging of the works of the Clerics and their divine magics, Wobenhat was a supporter of the faith. He tithed, and many of his arcane magics were used to the benefit of the church. He was seldom one to actually go into the field but he had a knack for sending the heroes of the day just the right wondrous item that they needed. He claimed that these items were the works of his hands and mind, but the inspiration was divine. Wobenhat wouldn't have accepted sainthood if offered, as he was offered a position in the church and regularly refused saying he would take his place in the church when he passed away. On his 81st birthday he created his final magic item, a fairly normal looking wand of a pale white wood that contained among other things, the bones of one of his fingers. The mage severed and treated one of his own fingers while alive to create his own relic. The wand is a regular wizard's wand of surprising magical power. In the hands of a mage, the mage (if adhering to proper ethos) can exchange an arcane spell for a divine spell. In the hands of a cleric, the wand allows a similar function, swapping a clerical spell for an arcane spell. This isn't an automatic thing, but rather this conversion of magic is considered miraculous.

The Priest

He is a respected priest by day, but at night he makes heathen sacrifices to a weird god as part of a secret society. No one suspects him of his misdeeds, and he is quite proud of that.

The Faithful

The congregation is a mix of old and young and full of beggars and supplicants. They constantly complain to their priest about all things.

Third World Country Generator by Dozus. Need a failing nation-state for your campaign in a modern setting? Look no further! Get 'em while they're in abject poverty! Another great job by Dozus:

Name: People's Democratic Republic of Lubai

Climate: Savanna - Open grasslands with seasonal conditions

Region: Sub-Saharan Africa

Government: Puppet state - The government is merely a front and mouthpiece for a foreign power. The leaders toe the line to meet the demands of their imperialist benefactors.

Political leader:

The leader is a lean, fit man who wears an elaborate royal costume and always seems to be smiling. A rich capitalist, his greatest support is among the leftist radicals but his grasp is tenuous. He considers himself a modern philosopher, writing political treatises and aligning himself with the intelligentsia.

Military: Tribal militias - The government has a small force protecting the capital, but most of the patrolling is done by local paramilitary forces organized by village elders. Their loyalty and effectiveness are questionable.

Policy priority: Populist - The national leadership is trying to curry favor with the lower class, which makes them popular but their policies are not always sound.

Economy: Manufacturing - Sweat shops are common in major cities, and the nation exports cheaply manufactured goods to more developed nations.

Social attitudes: Loyalist - Whatever the status of the government is, the people are in lockstep agreement with their national leaders.

Pressing issues: Social unrest - Sharp economic divides have pushed the working classes into revolt. Protests are frequent, and they're often subdued by force.

Bulk Dwarven Place Names By Valadaar, where you can find Ford of SilverOath,IceHill,FierceAnvil Stream and Umber Tunnel

VillagesTaken from 30 Villages , by the indomitable Michael Jotne Slayer! Here you can find such lovely places as

Berenwall is built in the gaping hole of a once proud defensive wall built long ago by a warrior named Beren. Someone thought that it might be a good idea to build a city where the wall was torn away because of a long forgotten war. The people who did this believed that trade would be forced to pass through here. It never really caught on. The wall was slowly taken apart and shipped away to larger cities for materials. After a few years you could pass the thing just about anywhere. It now looks like broken teeth in the horizon. Berenwall village itself is built in the solid stone from the wall. Dark holes litter the strange homes. Berenwallers breed and train horses, and are expert riders. Young villagers often recruit themselves as scouts for a few years before they marry and settle for good. Town elders still nurture a hope that Berenwall might be put on a map one day.

Odd Ones:

Kung Fu style name generator - by Dozus, Naturally :) Learn styles like:

Southern Hurricane Flip, Climbing Jawbone Jab, Breaking Army Finger and Hidden Thunder Gouge

Curses! - By Many. Need an affliction by a disgruntled wish, the bad-luck fairy or failed ritual? Look no further!


Subject cannot speak without studding his conversation with rude, mean spirited insults. The speaker cannot hear these, but all others can.

Friday Freetext! By DragonLordMax compiled by Valadaar

Lots of Fridays have past, and you want to catch up. How to choose? Here's how!

Tarot Cards, 5 Draw By Valadaar. Toss a coin for each one, tails indicates it is inverted.

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