This forge channels Hellfire through a rent in reality. The flames scream the torments of the Damned and tear at any smith's sanity while using this forge. The smith must take care not to allow the flames spread, as mundane water or sand will not extinguish them. Imps can emerge from these fires to bring havoc to the world. On some odd occasions, Devouring Fire may emerge.

Items made with the forge gain infernal strength and power. They also gain a taint of pure Evil. The forge can create mythic items when working with suitable materials. The forge can work Adamantine, Mithral and many other legendary materials.

Hourly Event Table

Die Roll Outcome
1-11 No Event
12-14 Infernal sparks scatter about, no fires.
15-16 Infernal sparks, and they DO ignite something/someone.
17 Plague of infernal vermin, dissipates in 1-4 minutes. Could be distracting.
18 Surge of infernal flame, skill check to avoid damage to current project. Fumble means smith gets infernal fire damage.
19 Several demonic limbs emerge and start grabbing at things nearby. The limbs owners never emerge and the limbs pull back if injured by magic or magic weapons.
20 A horrid purple light flashes and something made from dead material becomes animated. The light will select corpses first, but it will effect leather, wood or even food. The animated thing will then attack.
21 Something - or someone - deteriorates in an odd manner. A person might start to crumble. A metal object starts to burn. Wood might corrode and collapse into slime.
22 1d4 livestock within 1 mile of the smithy die.
23 A mote of sickly green light floats out of the forge. If it is not stopped, it will raise undead as well as provoking powerful evil creatures to action.
24 All metal implements, including the current project nearby come to life and attack.
25An infernally tainted Fire Elemental emerges from the forge.
26 The current project becomes the vessel for a infernal being of great power.

Smiths with less than 20 hours experience with this forge roll 2d8 when using this. Being present when a skilled Smith is using it counts towards this time. Use of this forge by those without trained smithing skill gain a +10 on the hourly roll.

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