Full Item Description
Icesilk is a material similar in texture to normal silk, but woven from strands of ice. It is produced in the region of the Svetla Glacier, by the Ice Maidens. Icesilk is pure white, like the ice that they are woven out of.

There are 2 varieties that they come in: those that never melt (the most common variety) and those that melt on contact with human flesh.

Originally produced for the clothing needs of the Ice Maidens, Icesilk became a main exporting commodity to the Dragon Empire in the Lu Dynasty. This occurred when they were chanced upon by the sole surviving member of a team of diplomatic envoys sent out to negotiate a military pact with the Persians, who all died in an avanlache except for one.

At first, there was only 1 variety of Icesilk, the type that never melts that the Ice Maidens produce for exporting. Noble ladies and wives of rich merchants often ordered gowns made of this type of Icesilk to wear in summer. Thus, in the Dragon Empires, Icesilk is considered a luxury item.

Over time, however, one of the top families in the assassination trade saw an alternative use for Icesilk that, instead of never melting, would actually melt when it first comes into contact with human flesh. This family commissioned a Tuner Mage to alter the properties of Icesilk in accordance with its particular vision and a new variety of Icesilk came into being, which was used to fashion what later became the signature weapon of this family, the Ice Needles. This variety can only be found on the black market but like its counterpart that is sold legally, it too commends a high price.

Special Properties
Although Icesilk does not confer any magical properties to users, it is nevertheless an enchanted product. It is purely through the magical powers of the Ice Maidens that such a clothing material can be woven out of ice.

A gown woven from Icesilk will keep the wearer cool at all times. On the black market, there are also transactions on the sale of Icesilk that melts on contact with human flesh, which are used to make Ice Needles for assassination purposes (see 30 Unconventional Weapons)

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