Some thoughts on fabrics and *roleplaying games in general

*I have to first announce that strictly speaking I'm not a gamer so if what I wrote below is off, the reason is obvious.

Are fabrics important in games?
I personally think they are as important as any other materials like ores, metals or substances. Most of these will probably end up as background items that help to enhance the atmosphere but occasional ones might provide nice plot hooks.

How can fabrics be incorporated into games?
1. The conventional way (random pick up)- through garments made of special fabrics that PCs might pick up during adventures
2. Shopping- PCs might encounter vendors of exotic fabrics in some faraway place. This might lead to future plot hooks eg. Might be a lead for PCs to start a campaign in a new location recently added/created by the GM (the PCs might hear a story told by the vendor about the origin of the fabric and the locale associated with it) or the fabric name might be the answer to some future riddle that the PCs will encounter or maybe the vendor can be a contact that the PCs can unlock with the right actions
3. Rewards- PCs might earn an exotic bolt of fabric as reward for side quests or general levelling up. The PCs might be able to resell this exotic fabric for money or use it to curry favour with a contact to gain information or even use it as a gift to earn new contacts.

In terms of the 3 fantasy fabrics linked here, the original inspiration for them is real silk. So that's why I've emphasised the fact that they are all very similar in texture to normal silk. Also, I had in mind that they would be tradeable mundane commodities and so I've steered away from highly magical fabrics. What I mean by this is that none of the fabrics currently included confers any magical powers on the wearer besides the natural characteristics of the fabric itself.

Now, without further ado, I present to you the Codex of fantasy non-magical fabrics.

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