Full Description
These Kerrenese Insects are a little larger than an average Kerrenese insect, about 28 cms (11in) long with 32 cm (13in) wingspans. They look similar to a terrestrial Dragon Fly, except they have eight legs (standard for insects there). They have big broad feet (making their little legs look like they have boots on. These feet are tucked into divets in their carpaces. They are supreme flyers of the insect kingdom, as only small Draconians and the luckiest of Saurians can catch them. They eat other insects.

As they age, their carpace changes.. shifting up the spectrum from red to violet with each of the seven moltings over their one year lifespan. No matter the color, they have a pretty iridescent sheen. Their wings are clear with silverish veins.

(Note the carpaces are highly valued as sources of dye colors)

Additional Information
Their name was given to them in early Colonial Times when Shuttles and Hovers were a regular occurance. With their retractable "booted" feet, vtol capabilities, and extreme flight characteristics, they were like the Hover Oldthings.

These creatures have been known to "hitch a ride" upon Dragons. This could explain why they are everywhere across the planet.

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