Full Description
The Growren are Ursoids, bear people. They are bigger than humans and proportioned more like Teddy Bears than normal bears. They have strength, toughness, high endurance, heavy fur, all the things you would expect. There eyes are bright and quite large. That adds to their precocious child look. They are a fairly happy and friendly folk; perhaps a bit deficient in the mental prowess department.

They were somewhat intelligent when they were found by Humanity. The Local Humans decided to uplifted them to Civilization; the way Elves are said to 'bring civilization' to Humans. (Any Elven personage would of commented NOOOOOOOoooooo!!!! if they had been asked about doing it). They taught them about tools and leaders and civilized things.

Of course once you give them civilization, which seems like such a good idea at the time, you are stuck with them. Now your 'children' are doing stupid things, competing with you for resources, and mucking with your world. They cut down more wood than they need, then wondering why they run out of new trees. They can't figure out why things smell, when they keep garbage in the middle of their homes. They have mock wars for real reasons and real wars for fun. They just seem to have it all confused.

Additional Information
They can be used as a complication to any situation in their environment.

They can be used as a 'moral lesson' for the people in the world, as to being careful. (Watch the Elves smirk and say we told you so).

They are great comedy relief.

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