Servants of the Placeholder Gods, these beings live off of the anger created when one is booted out of a chat. Though many scholars attest that it is these monstrosities that hunt down weak internet connections too.
Of course they haven't always been able to gain nutrition from this. There was once a day when they hunted in packs for lone messengers and carrier pigeons. And after that they snuck into mail bags or sated their thirst by gnawing through telegraph lines.
But though most everyone living has been attacked by one of these fiends, almost no one has actually seen one. The account of a rider for the Pony Express tells of a brightly colored beast, maybe 4 hands high, leaping out of a bush and knocking him off of his horse. When the kid had managed to get up, the thing had run off with his mochila and was easily 75 yards away and running.
More recent accounts say that the thing has a mixed genetic background; at least one half teletubby, half gremlin, and no less than a third sun eating, Cthulhoid monster. None of the attempts to quell this menace have succeeded, mainly through a lack of motivation by the hunters.

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