These "gloves" were crafted from the hands of a discarded Stone Golem by The God of Strength. The Golem belonged to a mortal Wizard who spent his life trying to create the perfect Golem to guard his tower. This particular Golem was his last try. He wasted all his life energy in a long process that perfected the Golem but died soon afterward. Years passed and the Wizards tower was raided, destroyed, and now a City lies where it once stood. One problem was that no one could figure out what to do with the beautifully crafted Golem, so the people of the town safrificed it to The God of Strength by submerging it in the River of Might that is said to be a direct portal to the Realm of Strength. It worked and the Golem's hands were recovered from the river years later but they were hollowed out and could be worn...

Magical Properties:

Anyone who wears the Golem's Hands will recieve the following:
+ A natural "Slam" attack.
+ A decent bonus to any action that requires a good grip.
+ A good bonus to strength.
+ The ability to "Dispel" any magical attack 3/day.
+ Can hold larger weapons.
+ And the hands can "crumble" 1/day and be used as projectiles that return shortly after being thrown or otherwise propelled.(When "Crumble" is used you have access to your normal hands)
- The characters speed is reduced by half.
- The character gains a serious penalty to anything effected by wieght.
- People regard the character as a "Half Golem" because the gauntlets cannot be removed.
- It may become difficult to perform daily activities due to oversized hands (At GM's Discretion).
- Character is affected by spells, ect. that usually only affect objects.
- And the character gets a significant penalty to dextrous activities.

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