Common Name: Gobbo Shaggy, Shaggo, Shag, that hairy fucking goblin

Morphology: Lenalian Goblin, a species of goblin noted for its body fur and neutral disposition. Lenalian goblins are tool users, metal workers, and have rudimentary language, writing systems, and post-Shamanistic magic.

Race: Goblin

Sex: Male

Age: unknown, est mid 40s

Occupation: Professional Adventurer

Residence: Large town near the frontier, but in primary trade with a major city


Lenalian Goblin Tribe, officially the Treggiak Tribe of the Lenalian Goblins

Guild of Adventurers-Upon-Return

Guild of Heroes

Guild of Champions

City Watch/Civic Service Guild


Shauglau would have a story like any other gobbo of the Lenalian high plains, a short and brutish life facing other goblin tribes, rival and hostile greenskins, vengeful dwarves, and such, except for one day. Shauglau and several other goblins were involved in a hideous skirmish against a long-declared enemy of goblin kind, the Human Guilds. Shauglau was on the victorious side, and as their would-be warlord cackled over his victory, Shauglau picked up a slain hero's weapon and spitted the sorcerer. Gathering arms and armor, Shauglau and his band led a bloody revolt where the forces that would enslave the Treggiak were put to the blade and axe. Following this victory, Shauglau and several others decided to take the trophies taken in the battle to the Hoomie City to see about getting the steel skinned humans to leave them alone.

By the end of the day in the human city, Shauglau found himself enrolled in the Guild of Heroes.

By the end of the week, he had joined the other guilds of sellswords and would-be adventurers and even secured a spot in the city guard. He wasn't the sort to stand a wall, or check people through the barbican, but when it came to tracking a missing person or finding some contraband, the Captain of the Guard discovered the furry goblin in the rust-colored pants had a nose for trouble and stolen goods.

There was a good deal of confusion and some frustrations, some people in the guilds were ready to hack the proud goblin down for daring to offend their town with his presence. Others were confounded by the fact that Shauglau wore shoes and breeches, a loose-fitting shirt and vest, and was kitted out like a decent hero, with a sword and dagger, and a brace of goblin potions.


Ancient Sword - functionally a greatsword for Shauglau, the Ancient Sword is a human-made bastard sword with a pommel and crossguard set with petrified wood. The blade has a minor chance to inflict Curse on a solid hit, and a slightly better chance to inflict Slow or Paralyze.

Throat Slasher - a human-made magic knife created for dealing with magic users, the Throat Slasher has a moderate chance to inflict Silence on a magic user, rendering them temporarily unable to cast spells.

Gobbo-Boots: goblin boots that allow a goblin to a modest bonus to sneak

Gobbo-Cowl: goblin cloak/cowl that allows a goblin a modest bonus to sneak and evade being located

Gobbo-Sling: a leather thong used for hurling stones, deals damage as per a light crossbow, principally used for hunting but gobbo-slingers can outmatch human archers at short range.

Zylda's ring - a true magic item, Zylda's Ring increases the wearer's charisma being especially made for bartering and bargaining. In Shauglau's possession, it has allowed him to sell the greatest commodity the goblins have. Goblins.


Gobbo Shaggy is a made man for the goblin community, and by being a conniving little bastard who really likes getting drunk, getting laid, and not being killed on the end of a hero's spear, has done well for himself. He is a source of really cheap labor for the city, under the right conditions, as he can come himself, or he can bring some of his clansmen with him. More than one civic crisis has been averted by the application of multiple goblin squads. This has been as serious as fending off a dire rat infestation in the sewers, bloody work with knives, and fire in the dark. It has also been as comical as goblins in costume playing as children in a parade with dangerous animals.

On an unpleasant note, Shauglau is functionally somewhere between an aborigine and an immigrant. He represents the goblin community which is a borderline immigrant community to the human/settled races, and aboriginal is that goblins tend to be places and its humans and heroes who come smashing into their homes for loot and treasure. The overall reception in the community is less than favorable. Most humans and accordingly races tend to look down on the hirsute Lenalian goblins sort of like dogs that can talk, feral dogs, that can talk. While this is certainly demeaning and denigrating to the goblins that Shauglau brings into the city to carry trash, bury the dead, kill rats, and handle other debasing and dangerous work, it is safer than trying to fight the humans and their levies of dwarves, elves, and the rest of the pinkskins.

Shauglau has seen that the greenskins fight and kill each other, violence for the sake of violence, and blood for uncaring blood gods. The pinkskins also fight, but as much as they do kill each other, and worship their own gods of violence, blood, and fire, they work together. The greenskins won't do///// this, but the pinkskins can and do accept non-pinkskins that play their games. Shauglau has decided to play and is doing well.

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