The spell to create this belt is very easy to chant and is moderately well known. The enchanter must be familiar with the levitation spell also. The difficulty in creating is in getting the exotic materials required. The hair of an exotic black and grey mountain goat is the most important component.The next most important part is the feathers of a very rare tropical hummingbird. Luckily these birds take very well to captivity, provided they have a sufficient source of flower nectar. Lastly the skin of any seal to make the belt, if the water properties of the belt is not desired ,then you can use the goat's hide.


Thick Black and grey hair with small green and yellow feathers every 2 inches.Buckles vary greatly but most often are a rams head.


The belt makes you 33% lighter adding that much to movement. It also subtracts 5% from your being hit.You can cross any difficult terrain as if it were clear and you can step safely on the narrowest of ledges(including rope walking) Three times a day you can make a step into mid-air,all three steps maybe taken sequentially. You take 50% less damage from falling.

If the seal skin is used during creation, the wearer will always float except in very rough seas.


The belt will last as long as a well made item. The feathers are vulnerable to fire which will destroy the enchantment.

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