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January 16, 2006, 11:35 pm

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Cheka Man

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Glil Battery


This large blue fruit’s pit holds a polarized electrical charge

As you walk through the forest beneath the tree top city of Sela-lenri a blue-hinted glow catches your eye in the underbrush. Moving the vines aside you find yourself standing beneath an emerald tree with it’s leaves a pale sky blue, and navy trunk.  Blue fruits much like a peach but much larger hangs from it’s sagging branches. The air smells of a spring rain and the hair of your neck is standing on edge.  It’s a Glil tree found only in this part of Perathia, you’ve heard of it but never seen it. As you pick a fruit from the branch you feel a tingle. As your teeth sink into the soft flesh, you lips tingle.
You take out your knife to cut a piece for your friends and as you hit something hard, ZAP! POW! your arm is flung backwards and limp, numb and paralyzed.

Magical Properties:

not really magical, but the pit of this fruit holds an electrical charge much like today’s batteries, but less controlled.  now if only the party can figure out what to do with these wondrous fruits…

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Comments ( 10 )
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August 4, 2004, 1:15
It would be a 4 but there are some little language errors and I'm jumping on that. Sorry, buddy. But still, good item.

August 4, 2004, 16:59
Damn, your right, sorry for the horrible typing, this was a midnight madness idea, so yeah, don't worry, my future post shall be much more eloquently typed. :) thanks for the feedback
Pirate Penguin
August 4, 2004, 23:00
I think I've seen something in a movie lke this before... or maybe not, anyway good job.

August 4, 2004, 23:18
So it basically shocks one who touches it?

So the mechanics behind it are, perhaps, the fruit absorbs energy from the sun and water and nutrients and so forth, and it concentrates the energy within the seed. the flesh and skin of the fruit contains the seed so it doesnt discharge and lose energy, but once the seed comes into contact with something foreign, it releases all its concentrated energy into it. I can see the smaller, younger fruits not bieng as 'tingly' tasting as the larger ones, and with a smaller discharge since it hasnt had as much time to grow and absorb energy.

"The Huge rogue closed in on the humble peasant, his chainmail gleaming in the sun as a club raised to smite the weak man. The man, trembling in fear, pulled out the first thing in his small pouch for self defence. At the sight of a juicy piece of fruit, the large man laughed, and the peasant flung it at him. The soft fruit exploded all over the mans armour, not even slowing him down. But the thiefs sneer turned into a frown at the sound of faint 'crackling'. The pit of the fruit came into contact with the steel of the mans mail, and discharged its energy, running bolts of electricity through the mans torso. The rogue grunted in pain, then keeled over, falling to the ground, paralysed and unconscious."

I likes :) 4/5
August 5, 2004, 4:54
If such a plant existed in an ecology, eventually animals would evolve to eat such fruit (or eat them so they can absorb the cahrge). Thus a plethora of electrically charged critters or electrically insulated critters would be natural extension of its existance.
Cheka Man
August 5, 2004, 20:34
I like it. Electical fruits that can be used as shocking weapons against anyone wearing chainmail armour. It gives the phrase "shock troops" a whole new meaning. If a city has an orchard where these frits are grown and an army attacks it, the army could get more then it bargined for. 4/5.
August 6, 2004, 0:55
great twists on it guys, thanks for furthering this story, but, let us remember basic physics, it will only discharge through a ground and conductor, (paring knife, your body) and if the party can remove the pit with some insulating item, it could be used to say, create all sorts of fun things, it's a great natural way to add modern elements to any game, oh, and I must say, I do oh so love the thief-zappy factor :) -with more to come and more to not, I bid you good evening
Voted Iain
May 16, 2006, 12:25
Odd enough that it deserves to be seen.
Voted valadaar
December 12, 2006, 13:54
So if one poked a hole in the flesh with a rock (non-conductive) and then threw it in water, would it blow up? :)
Voted Nobody
December 13, 2006, 9:55
I think that you need to answer some of the basic questions.
Sight, sound, smell, touch, taste. Design, purpose, adaptation.

Let me ask you a series of questions to consider.

Sight- What does it look like. Not just the fruit, but the entire tree.

Sound- Espescially for an electrical tree, are there any unique sounds that it makes.

Smell- While smell is usually related to flowers, anything can have a unique smell. Does this one?

Touch- What kind of bark does the tree have, smooth or rough. Does the fruit have little hairs on them like a peach, or maybe the fruit has a hard outer layer like a mango.

Taste- What does the fruit taste like. Sweet, sour, bitter, salty...what? If it is like a battery, then it would be highly acidic, and therefore sour, but the electrical charge might be held differently.

Design- What makes the tree work. When and where does the electrical charge build up in the tree or fruit? Does it need an unusual soil to do so? What about climate, and conditions?

Purpose- The purpose of every species is survival, and the breeding of the species. A single fruit requires huge amount of recources for a tree to produce all the sugar in them. Those fruits are usually grown so that animals will eat the fruits and carry off the seeds to other locations to spread. Why would an electrical charge help the tree produce other offspring? At the very least, why wouldn't an electrical charge hurt.

Adaptation- Bark is an adaptation to the surrounding conditions. Bugs and animals that are harmful to a tree must be stopped. Every tree has defenses against it's environment. Certainly an electrical charge might be that, but then, larger critters would never eat it.

All in all, I want to see this submission thought out. If you can't explain why a tree like this might form, then I don't think it has been thought out enough.

2.0- Idea's there, needs some work.

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