Whilst most of the visitors to the famous Sorcery Springs Geyser Basin are well behaved and only want to view the springs or take a little water from them for magical uses, there are those who break the rules. Some want to gather water from certain springs that are forbidden to the public because of their dangerous effects. Some like to throw coins and rubbish into the springs or jam up the geysers. In summer those who are caught by the Queens Rangers and cannot pay a fine spend time in a small stone jail.

In winter the jail is unheated and too cold to use, as most of the offences are hardly worthy of death or frostbite. So the prisoners are stripped to their underwear, with force if need be, and forced into a large warm spring that unlike most of them, is perfect for soaking in. The edges have places where one can stand up to ones shoulders, and the middle part is deeper. As long as the prisoners stay in the warm spring, the freezing temperatures outside will do them no harm.

There is a stone privy close to but not linked to the spring , and using it in -20C or colder is a horrible experience. Fouling the spring however will very likely get the culprit beaten and possibly killed by his or her cellmates. It is possible to sleep in the spring as anyone who has ever fallen asleep in a hot bath would know, the water is drinkable, and twice a day a Ranger comes with bread for the prisoners to eat so they wont starve. Generally the sentence is not longer then ten days unless the prisoner is awaiting trial for something really serious.

For every day spent there after the first one there is a 5% chance of falling ill and needing to defecate a lot, or getting a form of eczema that needs continual scratching to keep the itch at bay.

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