Being full time adventurers generally means that said adventurers seldom have time to attend such liesure events as the horse races. The races run generally year round, and garner a fair share of attention, except for this year. There are three major races, that if a single horse can win all of them, the party owning the horse (owner, trainer, jockey, etc.) all gain something really impressive, aside from the accolade of winning a grueling tour of some of the largest, and most famous of the horse tracks in the realm. To those of us not lucky enough to actually live in a fantasy realm, we call it the Triple Crown.

Excitement ran high when Spellshaper won the (insert large city name here) Derby. He is an undefeated two year old, fielded by a young trainer, jockey, and owner.

Fans packed the (Insert City name #2 here) stands to watch Spellshaper absolutely destroy the competition in the (City #2) Stakes. For the first time in 100 years, it look like someone will win the coveted Triperfecta!

The last race, the longest and most punishing of the stakes is less than a week away. The (City #3) Stakes makes or breaks a grand champion. The King and Queen are going to attend, as are almost all of the nobility. Seating is being built to accomodate the thousands coming to the race to see Spellshaper become the first Triperfecta in their lifetimes!

The Problem, Spellshaper has vanished into thin air! Officials are panicked, and are afraid that if the public finds out, and Spellshaper doesn't race, there could be riots in the streets, or worse. Was he kidnapped by a competitor? Worse yet, has he been stolen by another party? Is there a radical group who thinks that racing is cruel and they released Spellshaper to run away?

Now, finally, the twist. Everyone knows horseracing is just a bunch of horses running in a circle really fast. What happens when its pegasi being raced, or hippogriffs? 1200 pounds of flying horse, enjoy yourself.

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