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January 16, 2007, 5:35 pm

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Furious Tiger Talon


The great warrior Golden Pinions Youhei once carried this sword. It is said that on the day his wife, Elex, died, he leapt into the sea and sank to the bottom, taking this sword with him.

In ancient times, the great hero and immortal warlord, Golden Pinions Youhei, was a symbol of strength and stability in the savage times. He was known throughout the land for his superhuman skills and strength, and as he was a symbol of hope to the world, so was his sword, Furious Tiger Talon, a symbol of death to evil. It is said that using this sword and his war fan, the War Fan of the Resplendent Burning Phoenix, Youhei slew one-hundred war spirits in a single day. While this is most certainly an exaggeration, there is no denying that Youhei was a formidable force. It is said that on the day his wife, Elex, died, leaving Youhei behind to live out the remainder of his immortal days, Youhei chose to die and follow Elex into the Underworld, and passed on his gift of immortality to one of his house slaves, whom he freed. He leapt from the cliff into the raging surf, taking the sword with him. From then on, there have been rumors of Furious Tiger Talon appearing throughout Creation, always dissapearing eventually.
  Furious Tiger Talon is a massive blade, almost six feet in length, with a blunt top edge. At the hilt, the blade is straight, but slowly becomes curved as it extends. It is about 3 inches in width. The hilt is shaped like a stylized tiger, leaping to attack, made from mithral and iron-hard gold alloys. The handle is wrapped in red silk. The pommel of the sword looks like a tiger with it’s mouth open in a great roar, and a small red gem is placed in the mouth.

Magical Properties:

Furious Tiger Talon, despite it’s extreme length, is weightless, and can be wielded with ease as long as the user is skilled in the art of swordsmanship. In addition, Furious Tiger Talon’s blade can become a blade of flashing golden sunfire when such a thing is commanded of it. However, Furious Tiger Talon is haunted by the bitterness and pain that cursed Youhei after the death of Elex, and any being who wields the sword for an hour or more begins to feel a deep sadness. Within four days, the wielder weeps at night and feels a pain in their soul as if they had lost their true love.  Within one week, they fall into a horribly deep depression, which may drive them to suicide. A person afflicted with said curse whimpers and moans in their sleep, their dreams disturbed by the curse, and during the nightmares they whisper the name “Elex”.

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Comments ( 5 )
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August 10, 2003, 14:45
Along with the curse, I would imagine wielding a weightless sword would take some adjusting to as well as the longer it is used the less proficient the person becomes in using a normal sword. Depending on how long they used the weightless sword I would put them at negatives with a normal weighted sword for a little bit.
Voted Scrasamax
May 31, 2006, 11:24
A weapon that has gained a negative resonance from it's owner. A nice alternative to the weapon that gains uber-powers from being the weapon of a great and mighty hero. It could be a weapon that is sought to defeat say an new army of war spirits, but in doing so the hero who takes up the sword is in essence sacrificing himself...or herself.
Voted Cheka Man
May 31, 2006, 13:29
A blade to beware of. 5/5
Voted valadaar
March 20, 2014, 12:42
This massive sword screams Anime - but it is still interesting and its curse is a good one.

Weightlessness is also something you really don't want in a sword unless it is also ridiculously - light-sabre - sharp. No inertia to help punch through armour and crush bone.

Voted Dozus
March 20, 2014, 14:20
It's got a neat story, and it would fit well in an anime or manga style setting.

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