Galafox was not given the moniker 'Old Fox' for nothing, and this suit of dragon scale armor is but one example of the dragon's guile.  Common sense would dictate that any genuine dragon scale armor would be made from the hide of a deceased dragon.  In this case, it's simply not true.  The dragon that this suit of armor originated from is still very much alive.  It is the whim of these creatures to gather a treasure over the years, every adventurer worth his salt knows that.  But they are also given to dabble in human affairs, and this is a particular favorite activity for Galafox.  

It takes the mind of a dragon to comprehend carving off a section of your own hide and painstakingly crafting the bits into a magical artifact.  It takes the soul essence and fortitude of a dragon with a swirl of magic to actually carry through with it.

This armor (could be suitable for any style or type) is clearly made from the hide and scales of a large beast and exhibits a level of craftsmanship perhaps previously unseen by the characters.  Its scales are of a rusty metallic coloring and are warm to the touch.  This is because they are still alive, and this suit of armor is psychically and/or magically linked to its craftsman.  Magical runes seared into the living flesh and bind these spells to the armor - and to the wearer.

This armor is treated as a rune item, which normally are identified by binding a living being's soul.  While this item does not hold Galafox's intellect inside it, he is still linked with it and is able to exert some control over the wearer by psychic and magic means.  It is up to the pleasure of the dragon himself who may wear this suit.  For those he deems unworthy it may simply not fit them.  On the other hand, if a creature Galafox finds repulsive for deeds committed or other reasons of his own, they may find their mind entrapped or their hand singed as they attempt to handle this item.

Powers Imbued:

Sight - The character wearing the armor may see as an eagle sees.  Galafox may also see what the wearer sees, but he must concentrate, and the wearer will know that something is making use of their eyes.

Nullify - As a counterspell.  This armor has a chance to remove a harmful or debilitating spell affecting the wearer.

Protection from Fire - The armor and the wearer are immune to normal fire.  Magical fire will only be half as effective.

Fox's Control:

Psychic Link & Telepathy - The armor is linked to Galafox and he may choose to communicate to the wearer telepathically.  Once this link is established with the wearer this magical item is considered bonded to that person and no other may wear it while they live.  They are then able to communicate back and forth with the dragon.  Whether he chooses to converse, of course, is up to him.  

Direction Sense - Galafox can always sense his way to a particular suit of his armor by concentrating.  He is also able to peform scrying on them, if he wants to spend the time and energies.

Puppet - Galafox may assume control over the wearer of the armor, but movements are not precise and fine manipulation of objects is very difficult.  The power that this link requires is taxing even for a dragon, so bouts of this control do not last very long.  In this way he could will the wearer to walk in a certain direction for a few moments, or sit / lie down when they wish to stand.

The Twist:

Old Fox has created more than one of these suits of armor for a grand purpose.  Generally, an adventurer who finds one of these suits will have found it for a reason, and only because the dragon has a use for them for one of his agendas.  Of course, sometimes the urge to circulate a few of these for entertainment value simply cannot be resisted by the old wyrm.

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