'Watch for the nights when the sky knows no light, things unsavory and fell crawl out of the dark corners of the earth'


Small patches of brownish fur jaggedy grow out from inbetween the miniature gaps in the segmented carapace of the Flers eight inch body. The carapace is not unlike that of a cockroaches in colour and shape. Eight gnarly legs protrude from its belly, ending in sharp curved hooks covered with a number of fine barbs, each limb more or less the length and width of a pencil. The Flers head sits close to its body, barely more than a soft, squishy lump, the majority of it being the mouth and nostrils. The mouth of the Fler is oblong on shape. Tiny, serrated teeth form two encircling rings around the interior. Its eyes are two minute points of glossy black and are virtually useless as the Fler is extremely sensitive to light. Rather, it relies on smell to locate its pretty. Its flight is granted to it by bat-like, leathery wings capable of supporting great speeds, but strong winds can prove bothersome.

Hibernation and Reproduction

These creatures can be found in places which are dark, damp and isolated. Caves are the perfect environments for a gaggle of Fler: who always come in groups of at least twenty to forty. Fortunately, Fler hibernate for long cycles after a frenzied feeding. These cycles can last in between eight months to two years, depending on the nutrients and protein content of their last meal. After feeding, the Fler perches itself on a wall, and over the course of several weeks produces a very sticky excrement that is essentially built from the proteins from its meal. This will eventually cover the creature in a cocoon like blanket. The nutrients from the cocoon are slowly re-absorbed into the carapace of the Fler, until they eventually wear out and it has to feed again. To put it simply, the Fler's only reason for existing is to eat : directly and indirectly. Reproduction is done during 'wakeful' periods, and the little eggs are laid while the Fler hibernates. Often this results in Fler being born and then feeding on the cocoon of their parent, killing the parent in the process - and occasionally, the entire colony of hibernating Fler.


Fler locates its prey by scent. When a gaggle of Fler awakens from hibernation, they are unmissable. Mostly due to the noise they emit: a deep, bellowing gurgle that sounds unerringly hollow. They are unable to vary in pitch or tone. Fler go into their singing state before rallying for an outside hunt, and many know to stay well clear of caves should it begin to 'howl' out of its own accord. The beasts are only able to leave their caverns at night, normally when it is heavily clouded and the stars and other lunar entities are hidden away. If they are unable to emerge, they will start eating each other.

Once they do leave, they remain together. Fler will locate anything edible, but normally tends to favor larger prey. They attack by diving at their targets, and latching on with their hind legs, anchoring themselves with the barbed tips. Their front legs, and their mouths, gorge and cleave away at the flesh to burrow deeper into their victims, until they find juicy, savory, meaty areas. The Fler relish high protein and fatty content.. Needless to say, they make a horrible mess.

Cows often fall victim to Fler, but they will attack anything else they come across.
The most efficient way to get rid of Fler is to burn the cocoon's while they are hibernating. This is actually - the only way. Fler move swiftly, and should one be unlucky enough for several to embed themselves in a gorging feast upon them, they are most likely doomed to expire from the moment the encounter occurred.

Fler can be startled by lights, and sounds. When started they will either form a swarm and attack, or rise into panicked circles. They fear fire.

Plot hooks

A fler-infested cave can become a real problem for a farming community. They may even take residency in mines : particularly unused sections, only to emerge one day teeming with hunger. A local villages mining community has been killed. Miners went into the tunnels never to emerge again, pcs have to investigate to find out what happened to them, only to find an Fler investigation. They will have to find all the pockets of cocoons before the fler awaken.

A widow approaches the pcs. Her husband was killed under mysterious circumstances (a fler slaughter) and they have to investigate.

A farmers prize cow has been killed by Fler.

Fler have taken residence in the damp stone cellar of the local inn. They emerge at some nights terrorizing and slaughtering people. The Fler are much more active, and constantly coming outside at night times. Its possibly due to the lights of the town, or the noise (or the presence of fat people) that is perpetually setting off their senses.
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