Special Equipment:

Elven sword: warm to the touch, can cut through most thing's but not all, has a resistance to magic, but only a small amount of magic

elvish bow: This bow is of solid silver but is easy to bend and will return to the original shape after each arrow is fired. It has the power to melt the arrows to make them a boiling liquid which burns right through the enemy.


Faye is one of those type's of people, which can be easily mistaken for royalty, she wears a dark crimson cloak, which she wears the hood up most of the time, to hid her face.

When she does not have her hood up you can see a long lock of raven black hair which shines often blue in the sunlight, it is down to her hip and is usually tied up in a loose ponytail. Her eyes are light blue, her left eye is slightly clouded and she can not see properly out of it. Her skin is of a pale peach which make's her look like she does not get out much.

Her slim appearance make's her look like she doesn't eat properly, and is a tiny bit malnutritioned, but she isn't. She has a deep scar running down her left cheek, from where she had been attacked, she also has quite a few scars on her back and arm's. Faye has a bad gimp in her leg and she walks with a limp. She is 5,11 in height and 7,1/2 stone in weight. Faye would rather travel on her own, then have company but will also travel with others if needs be, she is often quiet and prefers to keep to herself, she dislikes, any person who uses magic in the way of evil, but she loves to travel to new and different places, exploring and swimming.


Faye is the only child of hermish, who was the king's highest elven warrior, he was killed when faye was only 5. Her mother kazoo died while she was giving birth to Faye. After her father was assassinated, Faye went looking for his killer, she meet up with a young mage Doreen, who taught her all about the magic she possessed, he also taught her to use her weapons properly.

After 7 years of training when Faye was 12, Doreen died from a heart attack and once again Faye was left on her own. She traveled around for 30 years going to different places and meeting different people. One of the people that she met was a priest who taught her "That no matter how lost you get in the darkness there will always be light where there is hope."

When she was 42 she had started to sell her services out for assassinations, not many people wanted her to do it for them but she did get a few desperate customers. After her first hiring, it changed her forever. She had found the first kill hard as she was scared that she would fail, she had never killed before and wasn't quite sure how she was supposed to do it.

After the first couple of kills Faye became dead to the pain in her heart that she was becoming as bad as her father's murderer's. She earned 7 silver coins each customer. Faye only accepted seven silver as she did not believe in taking anymore for the murder of people.

At one point while she was working it occurred to her that maybe the people who had murdered her father had accepted more than that to take a human life. She continued doing this for 74 years before beginningn her quest to find her father's assassin.

When she was 69 she met a man who was actually one of the people who she had been paid to kill. Faye had spared him and soon fell in love with him, they were due to marry, but he was torn from her by the oncoming war which her newly found home was caught up in.

Her love was forced to join the war as the king was bringing in any able-bodied man to fight for him. At some points in her life she believed that she could not cope and one of those times came when her love was taken from her to fight the war. She had stopped working as an assassin and had hidden in the house that she and her fiancée had gotten together. Faye would have joined the war herself but her lover had made her promise that she wouldn't, she felt that was the most she could do.

She has a slight disorder of not being able to control her own magic when she is upset, angry or any emotion which caused large amounts of feelings and becomes weak quickly when memories of her life come back to her.
Faye believes that one day she will once again find her true love and also seek revenge for her father. She is often depressed as she believes that she has become lower than the people who have caused her so much pain she also believes that the time will come for all evil to be vanquished into the darkness of oblivion.

Role-playing Notes:

Faye is very well trained in the art of bow and arrow and sword fighting. She can move about silently on elven feet and can see from a distance of 2leageaus.

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