Special Equipment:

None. He can wear a dog pack if provided one. People try to put a collar on him, but he always seems to be ripping them off. Upon occasion he will have a seeing eye or assistance dog vest so he can be taken places he could not normally go.


Fang is easy to describe: big, black, and dangerous looking. He is very furry. He has four feet and a set of fangs not to be messed with. He is large for a canine, with broad chest and short black fur and red/brown eyes. He weights only 190 Lbs, but appears bigger. If you had to pin a breed down, he is some kind of Mutt: part Mastiff, part Newfoundland, part Husky.

Werewolves think he is some kind of psycho BoneGnawer. The Fey call him a Black Dog of the Moors. The local animals and some of the Weres call him "Truck Killer". (After all, why chase the truck and attack the metal parts, when you can catch it, destroy the tires, and bring it to its metaphorical knees.)

For completeness, though he is never in the form:
*) Human: Black hair, dark brown eyes, 5 foot 10 inches Medium/lean build, 190 Lbs
*) Pooka: Black hair, Dark reddish brown eyes *, 5-10, Medium Lean build, Pointed ears, fangs, Discolored nose tip.


Fang is character from a Urban Fantasy Sphere, who can be found on any sphere.

Bruce has had an awful life. It is amazing that he is as social as he is. His parents were neglectful and the string of foster parents he has had were almost as bad. The local social workers in his home state (he forgets which one) was an Autumn person (or perhaps an agent of the technocracy). One of his abusive step parents kept calling him a dog, and occasionally treated him like one. (Not that he treated his real hunting dog badly- oh no- it had more privileges than Bruce did). Pushed to the wall, Bruce broke through the dreaming and found himself a giant dog. No one felt him Chrysalis- it was the middle of nowhere- even the Native American fey did realized he had touched the Dreaming. It was no problem for him. He simple got up and attacked the old fart and his precious dog. No contest. His life after that was a blur of waundering. He spent most of the time as a dog, but there were times when being human/humanoid were more useful. When he was caught without any glamour, he would be sucked back into the social service system until he could gain glamour and change. He was sainned by a native American waunderer-fey or mage, he does not know which. The Old Man taught him a little about the spirits, the way of the open road, and the worlds of {The Roads], as well as some wisdom in the way of man. He even learned a lot about himself. After parting ways, Fang waundered still, but now stayed with people. He adopted several families in need and stayed with them for a number of years before moving on. He always felt a need, so he kept searching.

Eventually he found a young fey in trouble. He protected her from her troubles, like he had wished someone had protected him. Now he waunders the worlds, protecting the young.

Recently, he rescued and befriended a young Shidhe with a destiny. He entered fey society at her side, but on all fours. The society thinks he is a pooka, but they are not quite sure, as no one has ever seen him in a humanoid guise.

A few things of note:
If you search for it, you can find pictures of Fang over the last 50 years. He was the "tour dog" for a number of 60s bands. He was in the Haight (San Francisco's Hippy neighborhood) in the 60s as well. During the 70s and 80s he became an urban legend of sorts, attacking mail and UPS trucks, leaving their drivers shaken but unharmed. The same could not be said for the vehicles. (He has been hit by said vehicles before and has spent the last few decades getting even). He has been seen in Seattle, Dublin, Santa Fe, Akron, Leningrad, all over Hawaii, and on the Scottish Moors over the last few decades. He has been other places as well.

If you search over the spheres, you will find Fang captured in tapestries, songs, myths, and one well made statue. Sometimes the roads he walks take him to other places.

Roleplaying Notes:

Most of the time he acts like an ill tempered dog of great intelligence. He is superhumanly loyal to friends, going to any means to help those he considers friends (many consider themselves to be his friend, but he considers them annoyances that he should not kill). He is grumpy around things that are too cute. While he appears to be this huge scary dog, children think he is cute (which annoys him). He is likes to destroy people or things that threaten his friends or have done him wrong in the past (hence his hatred of all Mail trucks and UPS trucks). He likes the thrill of combat.
Court: Unseelie

Wilder (Physical age 17, Actual age ?)

Baaad Pooka (Are you sure your not a redcap?)

Skills/ Abilities
Fang is a master at tracking, travelling, survival (urban and wilds), stealth, and hand to hand..errrr claw combat. His form and mannerism makes him a master of intimidation.
His years on the road give him a vast knowledge of people, languages, places, and things, including the roads, trods, and moonpaths that connect them.

He has a flair for investigating problems, solving puzzles, and convincing the fairies and werewolves that he hangs around with that they are actually in charge.

Special Talents (i.e., psionics, magic)
In addition to several other fey arts, he is a master of wayfarer (travel) and trodway (fey path craft). He can arrange for himself and people that travel with him to move vast distances while they walk for a brief bit, jump high places, run very fast, and even blink from place to place.

The ability to "scooby speak". (It come close to sounding like real speak). He also seems to be able to grant the ability to understand scooby speak to others, though usually one at a time.

When angered, which is fairly often, he appears supernaturally fearsome... enough to spook even mighty werewolves. This fear ability is part anatomy, part glamour, part pheromones, and very effective. (Yet small children find him totally fun and completely unscary... much to his annoyance. It is hard to be "tough" when a set of toddlers are climbing over you and pulling on your ears.)

His ability to destroy inanimate objects seems to far exceed his natural physical abilities.

He is a fairy eternal, aging at a rate of 1 year for every 10 years (possibly 100 years). He has a human lifespan and is only 18 biologically speaking.

He also can heal almost any wound, given enough time. That which does not kill him, seems to make him stronger.

Because he is a pooka, he can change into a human form. He will never do so if there is a chance people will see him as a weak human.

Special Abilities and Powers
He seems to be fated to waunder and protect those in need. It seems his destiny.

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