While in a deep forest a fairy will take a liking to one of the players. Whether it be for the looks of one of them or perhaps on of them did a good deed while in the fairy's home. Either way the fairy follows them to attempt to help them.

Once into a town or their destination the fairy's 'help' kicks in. If they purchase something or buy rooms at an inn the fairy trys to assist them by retrieving any money they used to pay. The fairy can, without fail, retrieve any item or money and return it to the owner without either of them knowing. If they sell or trade an item, they will end up having that item right back with them at the fairy's earliest convenience. It goes for things they are trying to get rid of as well. They dumping 3 short swords from their last battle, they will reappear again at some point.

This could get dangerous for the players. Items traded for gold would be noticed missing by the person traded to. If the new owner finds his newly purchased item is missing and plays a hunch and has the players arrested, they just might find that the solid gold amulet they thought they sold is back into the pocket of the players. Dungeon crawling: those four swords that they left behind afer seeing they were rusted could suddenly reappear when a character turns around and trips over them. This trip could cause a large crash letting everybody in the area know they are there.

If they ever figure out something is happening and somehow find the fairy. How do they convince a helpful fairy they don't want it around anymore without hurting its feelings?

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