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Pioneered by a very fashionable former adventurer who had the clever idea of sewing his bag of holding to the inside of his cloak, Empty Pockets are the natural conclusion to a great idea. Having uses in everything from larceny to personal security, with Empty Pockets you'll never have to mess with complicated latches, snaps, knots, and ties on your belt pouches again. A combination of extradimensional storage and anti-theft device just fill the pocket, give a command, and the contents disappear, replaced with a normal, empty pocket. The Empty Pocket is available at the Sorcerous Styles and Apparel Shoppe in your local metropolis and comes in many capacities, styles, and with special features including the No Pocket (pocket disappears completely) and Pockets In One (multiple extradimensional pockets accessed through the one opening).

It is difficult to be both stylish and a hero of the realm, especially when you consider the dragons, rotting, walking corpses, firetraps, and everything else you come across when you camp overnight at the mouth of a cave. But every now and then someone comes along who can muck through the worst and come out immaculate. Augustus Sardius Rex III is one of these, a born aristocrat and sorcerer he turned his great wealth garnered from adventuring to the noble cause of eradicating the evils of bad taste. But for all his pompous character and Mightier Than Thou ideals he has some good ideas. His Dragon Proof clothes line, Everclean material, and extensive magical jewelry line are known round the civilized world, and it is guarantied to always be in style.

Magic/Cursed Properties
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