The Dust of Sages

When wise men are buried together, it is said their souls can be at peace. They will have endless discussion about all sorts of wisdom from the afterlife and beyond, much insight can be gained from them if you have the will to listen. In places where the dusts of these ancient men of wisdom congregates there can be a spontaneous eruption of new life. The birth of a new sage. The soul arises from epiphany in the minds of dead sages, rising from their mutual enlightenment and desperately seeking a body to inhabit. Typically, there will be none, and the spirit is weak, so it will garner a coat of dust for its body.

The Dust of Sages will then begin to examine its surroundings, searching every nook and cranny for another souls to learn from. Not finding one will cause panic as The Dust searches over and over again for something missed. This eventually spirals the creature into madness and depression, as, being a living thing, it no longer has access to the thoughts of the sages that birthed it, yet not courageous or powerful enough to leave the crypt of its own accord.

It is a pitiable creature. It possessed the wisdom of a thousand years of contemplation and discussion, yet has no outlet or muse. When at long last, the creature is discovered, be it by foolish treasure seekers or hardened adventurers, it will immediately seek to enter them and merge ideas. The Dust will fly up into their faces and assault their ears with the ideas of long dead men, things most mortal ears cannot handle or comprehend. It will sound like gibberish at first, but if The Dust is allowed to continue its assault the wisdom could prove maddening.

The Grey Tomb - Short Example Scenario

The Grey Tomb lies deep beneath the Ruins of Korhal, it was a sacred home of Korhal's dead wise men. A place of silence and contemplation, where your mind could reach out and touch the wisdom of the dead.

How Korhal fell is unknown, but it was abandoned long ago and only recently rediscovered. Tales of great treasure spread far and wide, and now you find yourself exploring massive underground burial complexes in search of riches and jewels. One of these riches is The Grey Tomb, a repository of the dead and home to The Dust of Sages.

If you survive your encounter with The Dust of Sages, you will be rewarded with the dry bones of a dozen wise men... But will you find the secret switch that leads to the Grand Library?

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Fallen Empires, monuments of old, sleeping kings and artifacts from eras long past.

Do you dare write of what crawls out of tombs and shambles out of ruins? What befell the ancient structures that still haunt the world. Are they truly abandoned or just awaiting a hardy soul to test their depths? Is the magic that destroyed the mighty fortress gone or does it seek its next victim. Only time will tell... Enter the Fallen Empires!

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