Full Item Description
A relatively clear fluid filled with tiny glimmering scarlet lights, this draught seems to ripple and flow around the interior of containers too quickly and easily to be based in water or oil. A single sniff is all it takes to confirm that whoever concocted the formula for this hazardous potion felt that alcohol was a good idea as a base liquid; the antisceptic stink of alcohol mixes with the sharp aroma of mint and an oddly tangy citrus odor. When drank, the mixture leaves a powerful taste of peppermint in the mouth and a burning sensation down the throat, which quickly spreads out to the extremities. This burning sensation disappears almost immeadiately in most cases, but for reasons not yet understood, in roughly one case of twenty the sensation can last anywhere from a single week to a few months before finally fading.
The various students of thaumatechnology are always searching for ways to 'update and improve' the wide pool of lore that was developed by countless past generations. One such student, a Goblin named Nettle Nosebiter, came to the conclusion that many of the old potions and elixirs are far too transient to be of value, and so set about trying to upgrade the formulae. While the vast majority of his efforts have been singular failures, nearly killing those he's talked into testing them on several occasions, the Draught of Swiftness is the closest he's come to a full-fledged success as of yet.

At this time, the single 'grade' of the Draught, as well as the unfortunate tendency of those who take it to get themselves killed by their own uncontrolled reflexes, is regarded by the creator as a side effect that he's sure he'll work out in a few more experiments.
Magic/Cursed Properties
The Draught permanently enhances the reaction speed of the imbiber, granting him the ability to react in a fraction of the time as an unenhanced person. This is often disastrous, however, as anyone who has not spent at least a year training to handle the increased speed of response will still attempt to react as if unaugmented, responding to situations long before the mind can catch up. Many kill close friends and lovers in the days after taking the Draught, as reflexive actions happen before they can be stopped; many warriors who take the draught die in battle a short time later, foolishly expecting to be able to react at augmented speeds with precision, not realizing that their responses are still trained for normal reaction times, leaving them wide open to the enemy.
Those who take the time to train to adjust to this change gain an incredible level of response time to any situation, effectively becoming immune to surprise and capable of seizing initiative in any combat. However, once they commit to a given action, they are unable to change their mind, carrying it out too swiftly to be able to halt it, their minds still lagging behind their bodies.

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