War is brewing between the East and the West over the rich farmlands skirting the Otane River. The area has been dead for over five decades and has been long abandoned by both sides. Rains have flooded the Otane River for the past 3 years, but the flood lines are now receding leaving miles of fertile land in the place of the barrens. The food surplus gained from the cultivation of this land could give a great boost to the economy of whoever finally claims it. Now the East and West are declaring the land theirs and small skirmishes have been continuous ever since. Forces are being mobilized and all diplomacy has failed to come to a resolution. Neither side is willing to back down, times are bad and not willing to back down. Now the two nations are on the brink of all out war. North and South are staying neutral since they have no prior claim. Perhaps they have ideas of coming in after the East and West have exhausted themselves.

Through all this there are still many on either side that are still friendly to each other. Smuggling has slowly begun but is severely punished and is only undertaken by the most foolhardy so it hasn't established itself yet.

The players would be approached by a noble in the East city and asked to take a package to the West. They are asked to do it because most spies from each city are pretty well known and so the package could not be safely carried by them in fear of them being recognized. Spy rings on both sides are all in question and those they can completely trust they cannot be risked in carrying packages. They are offered whatever they may need for the trip as well as a more then adequate compensation and promised more once they arrive in the West from their contact. The package is important to the East's war effort but must remain sealed so the contact will understand that the info has not been compromised.

Through whatever hardships desired they finally make it to the West and meet their contact. As promised they receive more compensation and are thanked profusely and commended for their bravery and reminded of the absolute secrecy needed.

As they leave the city they are attacked by a small group of skilled fighters. It should be a close battle but the attackers will retreat after a few of their number are killed and should be allowed to escape. Their mission as spies is more important then killing the players, they can't afford to lose too many. They will not allow their dead comrades to be seen by anybody else either and will stay near watching, perhaps attacking again when they think they have an advantage.

The attackers are spies from the East that found out that the players have brought the war plans of the East to the West. The players have just given the West all the battle plans that the East has prepared and taken away any surprise that they may have had. The attackers have already sent runners back to the East to notify them of the treason.

Now it is up to the characters to try and defend their innocence, try and convince the East that the Noble is at fault, or perhaps the more unscrupulous players find it a good time to switch sides and dodge the danger they have gotten into.

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