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January 16, 2007, 5:18 pm

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“A brand forged in the dying embers of the old gods, such that a pact was formed in the light of the new era. The birthing gods of the lands would attribute to man his due accord or be unmade from the power that bore them. So it came that man was able to vanquish the tribulations that followed.” ~ Caeracyn folklore.

58 Imperial soveriegns in length from pommel to point. 2 stones and 3 in weight and of exceptional balance and quality. The weapon has no recognizeable gyphs or runes on its angular surface, but it is clear the weapon is above extra-ordinary. As common swords are to coal or ore, an officers blade to polished coral or malachite, a kings blade as to agate or amethyst, the DoomSlayer is to a flawless Diamond or Sapphire. The sword displays no outward sign of imperfection, it is perfect, there are no seams and the blade, guard, grip and pommel appear to be made of a solid and uninterupted material. The blade shows no hint or sign of wear, and draws blood without drawing across the edge. it is crafted of a dark iron like ore, with an almost woodlike grain. The blade is warm to the touch and seems to pulse with a deep and distant feeling throb or ebb of some great force. Those who grasp the blade will immediately be overcome by a gravity that is much greater than their own, and the weapon will seem unnaturally heavy as if they are burdened with a monumental responsibilty.

Doomslayer is surrounded by myth and legend, as it was made in a time now lost. The popular legends has it as a creation at the end of the last era in order to rid the land of the gods that had challenged the age of man; however, it is more likely it was forged in an even earlier era by the very gods themselves. For the gods were greedy by nature and were unwilling to share the world with man. The Doomslayer was forged from the very vein in the world from which man sprouted from, so that man had no power over it. The ancient text purport that men found out of the gods plotting during its creation. Amongst the men a hero came to the inferno and snatched it while the blade still was raw and molten, somehow surviving the holocaust surrounding the blade, and before the gods could react to the would be theft, the hero quenched the glowing blade in the hearts of the dieties. The age came to an end, and so began the era of man.

Currently possessed by the Kathne clan of Elurens. it has been in their blood uninterupted for 500 years, and is passed from warrior king to son. The kathne aren’t aware of its origin, but are aware of its dangers, over the years they have formed a bond with a benign local Sun God who guides them into its proper care. The acolytes and priests watch over the blade while it is in the temple, and they accompany the lord when he needs to make of its use.

As an amendment to the sword, it does not kill with the touch, but merely gives the ability to kill, what would otherwise be unkillable. it does inflict damage above that of a normal blade (prolly by about 2x). In my system, that is almost grossly powerful in its own right, but In a DnD type system I would probably treat it as a +5 type sword of sharpness, with the added bonus of the dead can’t return. (not that anyone has EVER been ressurected outside of necromancy in my campaign) Unbreakable swords can be broken, armor can be pierced (note I say these things “can” not that they will). And a thrust thru the heart or a lop of the head will end most creatures permanently. (hydras may need more than one head lopping)
When used against creatures like gods or dragons, I’d say the attack is still utter suicide unless you somehow convince the god to let you swing at his unprotected neck, or manage to sneak upon them. (Dragons in my world are MANY fold more powerful than in DnD, Palladium etc)
In my campaign I introduced the item specifically in a quest where there was an unstoppable construct, that was in effect impervious to all mortal attacks (my world is very low magic). In the ensueng battle half of the PCs died, as did many people, and tar-Kathne. The resultant was that on a natural 20 called strike to the heart the Doomslayer pierced the heart of the creature, slaying it. The Doomslayer itself was broken in two (I never said it was indestructable ) The fragment of the Doomslayer was returned to Kathne, where a new generation of Kathne’s protected it. The Fore-blade remained embedded in the unbreakable skin of the Construction, possibly for all eternity???

A “stone” in my system is appx 2 lbs, or 1 Kg, and a Imperial Coin is near an inch in diameter.

Magical Properties:

The blade so far has proven indestructable, as it has shown no wear or corrosion. The edge requires no sharpening and will scratch the hardest materials, even diamonds. It emits a slight whistle when swung through the air.
The true power of the doomslayer is that of its ability to “unmake” things.
So far no magic, diety, dragon, devil, or godling has shown any ability to resist the edge of the Doomslayer. Simply put it can kill the unkillable, slay the unslayable, and unweave the strands of even the most powerful dweomers.
if the wielder has the will to match, no barricade, no armor, and no blade will provide proof againt injury and the loss of life attributed to the Doomslayer is final and irreversable as the very soul of the slain is itself unmade.

The curse of the blade is such that its power is raw, complete and unchecked, and corrupting. The blade was meant to slay men, and bring civilization to ruination. Only thru the great sacrifice of the hero was the intent of the blade changed and corrupted. And the blade became ceased to be the maker of Doom, but it’s slayer and avenger. However, the blade lusts for blood, and to get vengeance on mankind as its intent has gone unfulfilled. With prolonged contact, only the goodliest and strongest willed can resist the urge to begin the slaughter. Even then it takes constanct focus, dedication, and perserverance to overcome the urge.
In addition, all beings of power are immediately attracted to the sword sensing its power. Some will freeze in awe and others will plot to strike the wielder so that they may possess its fury.
In my campaign, one of the PCs, a warrior of strong mind and will, grasped the sword and was completely overwhelmed by the gravity of the sword, and was unable to move, act or think for some period of time. He came to his senses in just the perfect time to prevent his own mortal death. The sword never made to be wielded by inferior beings such as mere mortals.
The blade is also afflicted with a curse non-magical in nature, for the tale of the Doomslayer is well known, and its corrupting ability is absolute. Likewise its good is well known. Any person who attempts to wield the Doomslayer for any but the most righteous cause will be seen by his fellow man as a potential Anethma, a scron on man, and a future ox upon man. The doomslayer is a potential pandora’s box in the minds of most. for if surely the wrath is not visited by the blade itself, the anger of the gods it will surely incite.
Forces bent on the destruction of man, or other would be kings and warlords will quest for the blade to accomplist thier malfeance. The blade has remained safe in the mountain monastary of kathne for hundreds of years, hopefully there it will remain.

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Comments ( 9 )
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September 5, 2004, 9:06
I think this is the only uber-weapon entry I have actually liked. It is all in the presentation. Two thumbs and a tail up.
September 5, 2004, 10:04
Now this is what I am talking about. I would have to agree with MoonHunter that I dont like most magical weapons, and certainly uber-weapons, but this one is good. It is also in the presentation. Kudos Saemond.

Only flaw I could find is that the sword weighs 43 pounds. (1 stone=20 pounds) Being an uber-weapon this could be an intential flaw.

September 5, 2004, 12:53
I agree with Scras that when a pc uses the weapon it will make them slow and vulnerable to attack, unless the pc was very strong and able to wield it without the weight being a problem, and it is very good

September 5, 2004, 14:29
Hahahah, yeah, except in my system, stones, don't weight that much.
But yeah, for the PCs to get a hold of the item they would have to kill the Hero, tar-Kathne (to follow), and then they'd be set apon by the Fief of kathne, and experience the wrath of a Sun God.
not to mention they would become an instant target of powerful beings such as elementals, gods, dragons, spirits etc.
September 6, 2004, 8:55
If you say mile, dont be surprised when everyone assumes 5280 feet.

When you say stone, dont be surprised when everyone assumes 20 pounds. We dont know the specifics of your game, and when you use the name of a real world measurement dont be surprised when we use it rather than what value you have added to it.
September 6, 2004, 14:18
Good Point,

However.... in brittish imperial units a stone is actually 14 Lbs, and in Troy or Roman Units it is closer to 17, etc etc. there are several variations of "stone"
Regardless, i think it would be an error to assume "20 lbs" as that is not used on earth as far as I am aware???

I agree i should have been more specific, originally, but I have since revised it, I think people need to have some creative license in this regard, because what exactly corresponds to a league, or are your ounces, Troy, Alchemical, or Brittish imperial? I guess you could get even more confused if you didn' specify weight ounces vs. fluid ounces in certain cases. Yet that is hardly ever specified.

Maybe I will make a rules and measures link for my world.
September 7, 2004, 7:54
I think that is a good idea. It might give some other gamers some ideas on divisions of weight and measurement.

I blame my education, my school teacher told me stones were 20 pounds. As for the tone of my comment, I apologize, I was checking the site after pulling a 12 hour shift and was cranky.

Big props, great item.
Voted valadaar
January 18, 2007, 11:33
Very much a mystical sword of mythic power :)

Puts me in mind of the One Ring.
February 13, 2007, 22:30
wow, 4.8, I dunno, there is some good writing and originality here, but I'm not sure this one stands the test of time....not sure, I could be wrong.

nice description and detail though!

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