DiCarrigan's Den

While this appears to be a well maintained 'common house'/ tavern/ inn, it is actually a club. Only those who are members (having paid their dues to the house... i.e. set up their credit here) or those brought with a member can enter. (The door is guarded by two armed men in the foyer.) Inside, it is a very nice tavern of the noble level with a variety of food and drink. The serving girls are pretty, but not here for other types of enjoyment. There are a number of hexagonal and octagonal tables topped in felt where gambling games using cards are played. The chairs at these tables are quite comfortable. The various members can check out chips from the house (using their credit). Members can even draw off their credit to generate cash.

The Membership is a number of nobles who enjoy gambling, lesser nobles and city officials who utilize their connections to get in and use their skills to generate cash, and richer merchant types. Many a deal has been made over a friendly game of cards here.

There is a small squad of private soldiers here that act as security, guarding the members, the doors, and the cash in the building. They are well paid and quite elite in their skills. Some of them are moonlighting here from the jobs as The King's Hand - the spy organization for the kingdom... though nobody knows that.

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