This tight-fitting, sleeveless, collarless shirt seems like musty cloth armour upon initial inspection. If it is examined closely or cut open, it will reveal that the padding between the layers of cloth is actually a rare moss.

To activate the moss, they simply would need to apply a little water and maybe some dirt, and then the moss will function. Active moss has only a faint, slightly spicy scent, like a flower.

Magical Properties:

Once active, the rare moss (Bendeg's foil) takes on a ruddy hue, but doesn't stain or show through the cloth. The moss acts as a powerful antiseptic and coagulant, meaning that cutting or peircing wounds will hardly bleed at all and would only become infected under extreme circumstances, like lycanthropy. The moss will knit itself back together, but the holes in the cloth remain untill patched.

The moss must have food to stay alive, however, and if the players neglect it's need of earth and water, it will start to draw sustainance from the wearer of the armor. Once is starts living off a host, the scent changes to a more peppery one and makes the wearer not want to remove it. They would rather keep it on, sleeping and bathing in it as well, which isn't overly hard givin that the armour is cloth. After a long period of time, usually about a month, if the armour is not fed it's soil and water, it will have consumed so much of it's host that they will die.

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