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June 2, 2008, 8:22 pm

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Danamax Rapier


The weapon of choice of the royal guards, the Danamax rapier is a symbol of an enduring dynasty.

Full Item Description
Also known as Falcon Rapiers, Danamax Rapiers are more elongated than normal rapiers, about two or three inches longer than a normal Rapier. Further, they are also wider, with a very pronounced taper towards the end of the blade. Although meant for thrusting and stabbing, Falcon Rapiers do have a single sharpened edge that can be used sparingly without damaging the blade. Every Danamax Rapier is unique- although all of the hilts is adorned with some kind of reference to Falcons- talons, beaks, and so on. The King’s Seal is also found somewhere on every Falcon Rapier.

"Danamax Rapiers have always been sturdy weapons- that was the point after that nasty attack- say, weren’t you there?" Lokatt says, leaning on his sword, which is now pushing into the ground.
I sigh "It was brutal. Turns out they’d gotten newly forged swords out of the highest quality metal while we were fighting with dated equipment."
Lokatt chuckles "Not my fault the king slept well at night."
"After he lost a couple fingers or before?"
"After, of course. The blow upside his head helped that out, I must admit."

For as long as anyone can remember, the dynasty formed by the good King Danamax the First has inhabited the capital city bearing the same name. While their history has been long, the history of the Royal Family has not been entirely peaceful, encompassing multiple love affairs, blood feuds, adventurers running around lighting stuff on fire. wars, rebellions and assassinations. After an exceedingly bloody assassination attempt where the King lost a couple of fingers and the Royal Guard’s weapons were found to be ineffective against the assassin’s more advanced arms, the King (Then Danamax XII)ordered his servants to find the best craftsman in the land (Rumored to be Corran of the Blood Bow legends), to create new arms for the Royal Guard. After a search that culminated in the Royal Warden getting stabbed by a peculiar glove, they finally found Corran in the tavern known as the Black Hangover. Corran agreed to help the Royal Family out of a desire to actually learn blade-smithing, something he had only dabbled in.
The results were astounding. Working with the Royal Warden and the Guard, the Falcon Rapiers were created, so named because the the Danamax royal family had long enjoyed a kinship with such creatures.

Wielding the Rapier in public is a sign of one’s position in the Royal Guard. Rapiers held by a deceased guard are redistributed to a guard member without a rapier. Wielding such a Rapier without being a Royal Guard is not a crime, however in Danamax (the Capital) itself, it will certainly raise multiple inquiries and investigations. Danamax Rapiers are rarely found outside of Danamar.

It is said one Rapier, the one held by the Royal Warden, is even further unique, bearing even better craftsmanship and powers.

Magic/Cursed Properties
Each Falcon Rapier is incredibly accurate, also possessing sharper tips and edges than most similar weapons from the superior craftsmanship used to create the blade, even when used as a slashing or cutting weapon. Each blade once forged can be modified through the use of magic to suit each individual’s tastes for hilts, colors, and so on.

The Royal Warden’s Rapier is even more powerful, acting as a   stronger, magical weapon. The Royal Warden may command the sword to strike enemies within eyesight, prompting the sword to send a stroke of lightning towards the targeted enemy. An enemy hit by such an attack will recall hearing the piercing cry of a falcon right before he was hit.

"You know, I never did like you." The Warden sneers, unsheathing his Falcon Rapier.
I smile "I learned something when I poked around in Danamar’s history. Turns out your great-grandfather lost the Warden’s Rapier quite a while ago."
The Warden’s face pales "You speak heresy. I possess it!"
"Oh really, Warden? I’d say he owns it now." Suddenly a Rapier is thrust into my hands, the man handing it to me gone as soon as he’d appeared.
The Warden’s face is a mask of rage "Give me that Rapier."

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Comments ( 11 )
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May 26, 2008, 22:58
Updated: Changed 'Campaign Defining' to 'Combat' (Mistake of mine when originally posting)
May 27, 2008, 0:09
Hrm. It's probably best to try and steer away from rules/system based properties (such as a +1 weapon); I find it best to write it as you would read it in a book. For example, if you write something along the lines of "The sword was of exceptional craftmanship, and the point and edge far superior to that of a normal rapier." The DMs will understand that this is not supposed to be an average rapier, and they shall appoint appropriate bonuses to it when they use it in their campaign.

I'd like to see the scenario of the assassination attempt that promted the need for the Danamax Rapier expanded on. While this weapon has a backstory about it, it's only a +1 sword, so the only way to make it more interesting to us is to have a very in-depth history to it.

Here are some questions which may be worth expanding on:
- Why were the old weapons inferior? Did they break in combat during the assassination? Were they slow and cumbersome? Were the assassins perhaps part of the royal guard, and the reason all swords look different is to identify the owner?
- Why the falcon? Is it the royal symbol of Danamax? Was the king inspired by a falcon in flight, to make these swords? Perhaps the weaponsmith was an eccentric and wouldn't make the sword unless it was made in homage to his favourite animal!
- What was involved in finding the "best weaponsmith in the land"? Did he stroll across the main marketplace and browse the shops? What if it involved an epic quest to find a small ramshackle in the middle of a forest where a dottering old bespectacled man was hammering away on the most exquisite weapons the king had seen!

I like how you would get eyebrows raised if you wandered around in public with this, as a nobody.
And I like the history to it; i'd just love to hear more about it to make this weapon more catchy to me than just a 'mere +1 rapier'.
Voted Drackler
May 27, 2008, 11:51
I agree with what Shadoweagle said. The ruleset/setting specifics should probably be changed, and, though I like the background, it is a bit sparse. Pretty much everything else was fine, no spelling or grammatical errors. Except for the first line.

"Also known as Falcon Rapiers, Danamax Rapiers are more elongated than normal rapiers, about two or three inches longer than a normal Rapier."

This would be better written to me as:

"Also known as Falcon Rapiers, Danamax Rapiers are more elongated than normal rapiers, by about two or three inches"

This rids the sentence of the redundant second saying of "normal rapiers".

Anyway, you've turned out another good sub, Infested-jerk.

(although it's a little disconcerting to keep calling someone a jerk, at least someone who didn't deserve it).
Ancient Gamer
May 27, 2008, 13:02
We've got Maggots and Jerks around here, and they are perfectly fine. Even the forerunners of the KGB, the Cheka Men, are represented here.
Voted manfred
May 27, 2008, 16:54
Heh. One chuckle for AG's comment. :)

Now, those old +1 weapons are a strong cliche, but a cliche that tends to be necessary... and if so, it is better they have at least some background. This one has a background, and a tendency to attract plot hooks, which is all to the good ("What do you mean the king's guard is now looking for me?").

We always want to know more, but this is a good beginning. It can be fleshed out easily.
Voted MoonHunter
May 29, 2008, 1:38
I do not find the +1 modifier to be that distracting. In general, most table top gamers, can translate that tiny mod into their own system of choice in their sleep. (The +3 for the warden's weapon, that might of been better explained than numbered.)

I did not find the "assasination attempt" motivation for a motivation to need any explanation. The assassin came in, the guard's weapons either broke or were ineffective in the environs of the castle (like if the guards were all using traditional great swords or pikes, which were effective in the battle field or protecting the outside of the building, but really not very useful inside the building. History is filled with these kinds of mistakes.

The Falcon explanation would be nice. And a better set of phrases revolving around the best weaponsmith of the land (at the time) would be nice.

Still I like this kind of submission a great deal.
May 29, 2008, 1:39
I have linked it to the Interesting Weapons- Non-Magic, where it will find like friends.
Voted kalabar
June 7, 2008, 8:02
Most things that are Magical have a Curse upon them. This pair of swords can send lightning strikes out toward the enemy that could be miles away, which makes this pair of swords strong, yet no curse. I personally don't believe that something should have such strength yet have no draw backs
June 8, 2008, 20:57
The Drawback being whoever has the sword is considered the Warden of Danamax- real or no. The text towards the end of the sub hints to it.

And not all good things must have drawbacks, they just usually do.
Voted Pieh
July 17, 2011, 9:38

Really nice item post. I like the idea of a specific weapon, the rapier, being a symbol of a royal guard order. Good work here.

October 2, 2012, 23:34
Because of something Strolen wrote, i dreamed of rapiers with points that end in elaborate (yet still practical for killing) keys last night, wielded by Italian renaissance-type duelists and city guardsmen.

Anyway, I really like these, including the name!

As Moon said, a great addition to the "interesting weapons--non-magic" scroll.

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