Dame Ellenius's family has quite a long and prestigious pedigree, links to reigns of power, and a great deal of land spread around the Country. They are also tied to the Elven Nobility as well, as Ellenius's mother married an Elven Lord's son. Many of the household thoughout the Country are in positions of importance and have an adventerous aire about them.

Such is not the way for Ellenius. Dame Ellenius has lived in this house for decades now. The story as for why varies, having passed into local legend, but all of the stories agree that it has something to do with a broken heart (lost love to duty, a bitter break up, a love lost to war/ trouble/ his wife). Given her genetic make up, she will be living in that home for a century or more. The house is a good sized affair, with a huge amount of grounds surrounding it. (The family wealth will support her in a modest way indefinitely.) In fact, the home has two sets of walls, one out side all the grounds, bording the city around it, and inner walls setting off the personal gardens and house from the large estate. The walls are quite formitable, so only those skilled can actually climb them.

The inner gardens are well tended and quite formal. Few see it, except by stealing a look between cracks in the gate.

The outer gardens/ grounds are also maintained by an army of short foreigners (inset odd race if needed). While not a formal garden, there is little open space. The grounds are private noble property and no one of a lesser rank should be there, yet no one that has not harmed the gardens or anyone else physically is turned out. Given the lovely and romantic nature of the gardens, its lovely seculuded benches and nitches, it is commonly used by lovers and couples.

Those who would use it for clandestine meetings of a non romantic nature often find themselves being watched by one of the short foreigners.

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