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December 26, 2008, 11:29 pm

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Half robot, half vampire

All woman!

"In the year 2159, on the ninth day of the month of September, humanity is destroyed. Military forces beyond your imagining clash at world after world to stop the onslaught of the Marauders, but to no avail. Entire species are driven into extinction, planets are reduced to radioactive slag, and the only ones who survive are those who can run faster than the Maruaders. Humanity cannot run fast enough…

The War Against the Marauders
Cyborgula was born to a human-hybrid race known as the Star Vampires. They were known for having mesmeric powers, as well as being able to feed on the blood of the living to sustain themselves. Rather few pitchfork and torch bearing mobs stirred as the Star Vampires had technology on par with normal human craft, and were cross fertile with humanity. Indeed a whole new sect of human/Star Vampire half breeds arose and settled on the planet Vela II. The self titled Space Vixens were known for their beauty, allure, and for the semi-phallic nature of their space craft.

Yet as Cyborgula recounts, all this ended in 2159 when the Marauders entered the local sector of space. Contact with alien species in the deep rim failed and merchant convoys vanished. Soon, rumors were spreading of a hostile new alien race. The rumors proved true when the fleets of black-hulled warships appeared in the Vulpeculae system and annihilated the defenders. A 24 hour sustained planetary barrage destroyed every major and minor city. The Alliance of World banded together and launched a counter offensive against the Marauders at the supergiant Zeeman star system. The Alliance fleet held the line for 16 hours before the Marauders broke through, taking the time to destroy damaged and incapacitated ships left behind by the Alliance retreat.

Vela, Cyborgula’s homeworld was bombarded with strange ‘Stoneburner’ bombs that reduced the surface of the planet into ashes and dust. The remnants of the Alliance fleet regrouped at the Raynet star cluster, and the second Battle of the Line occured. The Alliance lines were shattered in less than 45 minutes and fewer than a dozen ships escaped, among them Cyborgula’s ship, Ganymede’s Ghost. Three days later the Marauder fleet entered the Terran system and destroyed everything. Earth was reduced to a seismicly unstable molten wasteland, and billions were slaughtered.

The Chronospace Drive
Ganymede’s Ghost limped to Procyon, a hot world jointly inhabited by a silicon based lifeform and a autonomous mechanical race. Seeing the destruction of the organic races moved them to start working as far as possible to a solution. The answer came in the form of the Chronospace Drive, a new propulsion system that moved through time as well as space. The Chronospace Drive was installed on a repaired Ganymede’s Ghost and barely in time. Having noticed their oversight, the meticulus and wholly organic Maruaders entered Procyon space and began to orderly pick apart the space defenders.

Cyborgula had been badly wounded at the Battle of the Line II, and while on Procyon, she had been given new bionic parts to replace her lost arms and legs. She was quite surprised to find herself as the new captain of Ganymede’s Ghost as the previous Captain, Leda, was killed directing the Procyon Defensive fleets against the Marauders. As the marauder fleet destroyed the inhabitants of the Procyon system, Ganymede’s Ghost slipped through their blockade and engaged the Chronospace Drive.

Back to the Past
The Ghost slipped through space and time, arriving at Earth nearly 150 years before it departed Procyon. With its primary fuel cells depleted, and viable production of starship fuel more than 80 years away, Ganymede’s Ghost was at Earth for the duration. Cyborgula and her crew of Space Vixens prepared to begin what they hoped would be the salvation of the sector.

The Crew
Far from acting alone, Cyborgula has a coterie of allies and aliens to call upon as the need arises.

Doctor Rototup - hailing from another dimension, Dr. Rototup looks very much the part of the little green man alien. He has a large head with large dark eyes and small mouth perpetually turned to a grin. Aside from being a nuclear astrophysicist and hyperspace engineer, Rototup is also a huge fan of 70’s disco music, mirror balls, and roller skate dancing.

Kzztzzt - A native of Procyon, KZ is a immobile silicate entity that stays aboard the Ghost and in contact with Cyborgula and her team mates. It is a cause of some consternation that KZ considers itself the most intelligent creature in the 100 light year sphere around the earth. KZ is the mission commander, whereas Cyborgula is the ship captain. It has created the plans to contact other alien races sooner, and adjust Earth and the other worlds to a more militaristic build up to better face the Maruaders. It also works to detect other hints of time travelers in the past.

Veep and Neep - These sibling are yellow pterodactyle looking aliens with compound eyes and beaks full of needle sharp teeth. While the rest of the crew of Space Vixens is interested in exploring pre-warp Earth, the twins are more interested in repairing the Ghost and going back to the highly respectable business of pirating and privateering the space lanes. They are both very competent spacers, pilots, and soldiers.

The Other Space Vixens - A fairly even mix of futuristic humans, Space Vampires, and the hybrid Space Vixens. There are 12 of these ‘blank’ characters who serve as support and ‘space fodder’ in the Cyborgula mission. Not surprisingly, at least by Space Vixen and Star Vampire standards, the entire Vixen crew is female. Rototup, Veep and Neep are exceptions to this as no one has seen a female of Rototup’s species and Veep and Neep’s species have sex based castes and the males are warriors first. KZ has no known or discernable gender, and some simply refer to it as the computer, something it impressively hates.

Cyborgula is a statuesque Amazonian beauty with a mane of raven black hair. She is tall and has an hourglass figure that has turned many a head and ended many a date. In Space Vampire Fashion, her skin is a cool shade of blue that in strong light has the appearance of being partially translucent. At night, or in moonlight, her skin has an alabaster like sheen. With the careful use of a nanite based make-up program, she can hide this sign of alien heritage.

Her arms and legs are entirely synthetic. In normal conditions they are polished steel, given a mirror like shine. Being built by the silicate and mechanical Procyon races, this melding of flesh and metal was to be as visible as possible. A simple set of synth-flesh gloves and stockings render the limbs looking perfectly normal, and evne supply a small amount of give if squeezed.

Special Equipment
Cyborgula has a number of gadgets that she uses while on Earth. The majority work to maintain her cover as a normal human. A Nanite Make-Up System is able to alter the pigmentation of her skin for a lmited amount of time before requiring a recharge. Synth-Flesh gloves, and stockings render her metallic limbs human looking.

She has a number of plug-ins that she can use in her metallic limbs. Her arms have sockets for a wrist fired taser weapon, a gas discharge system, or even a pocket sized flame thrower. Her legs can hold a concealed pistol sized weapon, gel peck grenades, or a set of boosters to give a short burst of flight, leaping buildings, or maneuvering in space.

Ganymede’s Ghost is a standard built space Vampire Penetrator class cruiser. It mounts several Stilleto type impulse lasers and previously carried a complement of fusion missles but these have all been expended in previous battles with the Maruaders. It follows typical pulp sci-fi line of a large multi-fin rocket with a pointed nose cone that houses the weapon systems. It can hold a maximum crew of 42 officers and 210 enlisted crew and an additional company of space marines. However, the crew is now reduced to around 20 members in all and the ship is barely considered space worthy, let alone battle ready.

Roleplaying Notes
On her mission to save Humanity, the Star Vampires, and the rest of the intelligent life in the sector, Cyborgula is willing to make whatever sacrifices are necessary. Most often this is sacrificing decency for skin revealing outfits, boudoir romps in skimpy black lingerie, and laser pistol duels with Earth authorities who seek both Cyborgula, and her ship.

A Woman Torn
On a psychological level, Cyborgula is a wreck. She has bouts on insecurity and often lacks confidence in her own abilities. Captain Leda was supposed to lead the mission, followed by Executive Officer Delia. After the battles at Procyon, she was the highest ranking Space Vixen officer to survive and was granted the command. She feels more at home in the field fighting or doing missions than ever leading her fellow spacers or sympathetic humans.

This lack of confidence leads her into regular romantic trysts that invariably go sour as her mission, or her synthetic parts, or her Star Vampire blood hunger reveals her alien heritage.

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Comments ( 15 )
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July 21, 2006, 13:42
Updated: I do apologize for the lack of plot hooks, but this entire tirade was inspired by pulp science fiction, the Star Control II game, and an insufficient amount of sleep.
Voted Murometz
July 21, 2006, 22:40
I love the name Ganymede's Ghost for a ship! It just fits!

Not familiar with the game, so a bit bizarre, pulpy, and creepily enjoyable.

Plus I always loved Barbarella!
Voted manfred
July 22, 2006, 14:47
Not bad. Bizzare but like-able.

I must say that I have not much love for the main character's name, though. But Ganymede's Ghost... that is a name I would steal immediately!
Voted CaptainPenguin
July 22, 2006, 17:32
I love it!
Though, personally, when I think Star Vampire, I think a slimy and rugose spherical horror from beyond the earthly sway, bearing a thousand long ridged tentacles ending in lamprey fanged mouths...
But anyway...
Voted Maggot
July 30, 2006, 5:18
Only voted
July 30, 2006, 5:20
Ah Scras, would it be all right with you if I incorporated part of this world into the back-ground of my first sci-fic NPC? It's rich material and I would like to borrow just a little of it for my own project.
July 31, 2006, 10:10
knock yourself out Maggot!
Voted Dragon Lord
July 31, 2006, 9:49
Help, help, the aliens

Well if you’re gonna do pulp sci-fi, you might as well make it properly trashy. And I guess you don’t get much trashier than a half-vampire, half-robot, space vixen.

Real B-movie stuff – great fun – 4/5 I think
January 6, 2007, 19:41
Updated: Added to the Space Opera codex, I think it fits the genre even if it doesnt follow the Tales of Adventure format.
January 6, 2007, 20:48
cool! it fits! vampiric robot in space! (with or without bikini).

By the way, still LOVE the name Ganymede's Ghost! Could be the name of Sci-Fi Channel's next new series!
Voted Ria Hawk
January 6, 2007, 20:57
Wow, this is special. I love it. It reminds me of the really bad sci-fi movies of the fifties crossed with comics, which is not a bad thing. This is fun. If I ever run a sci-fi game, I think she'd have to show up.
Voted EchoMirage
October 2, 2008, 10:42
Only voted
Voted Silveressa
July 11, 2011, 12:44

An interesting NPC, although she feels a little Mary-Sue to me. I like the over all story arch and premise, it has a fun appeal for those looking for a "future tech in modern day" game.

July 11, 2011, 23:32
The main inspiration for this character was the old action pulp sci-fi stories, with the phallic rockets and laser pistols with rings around the barrels. The image of Cyborgula herself is Vallejo cheesecake exploitation.
Voted valadaar
August 24, 2015, 11:33
Heh, love it. This would be an interesting campaign...

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