First Impressions

Crystal Boi is a high end archandroid that looks as if he were designed by a rave enthusiast. Definitely masculine, Boi looks like a seven foot tall man of not quite hypermasculine proportions (shoulder to waist ratio is high). His skin is a translucent non-organic polymer laid over equally translucent myomer systems giving him the shape and proportions of a midrange bodybuilder but see through. His endoskeleton is gold chrome, and visible in most places, which is accented by a constellation of lights inside his body. He also has a cosmetic trace on system so that when he moves and flexes his battlemech grade synthetic musculature it is something of a light show. Approximately a quarter of the lights inside Boi are system related, power core, heat disposal, diagnostics, etc. The other 75% are cosmetic and mood lighting.

In addition to being high end with an exotic build, Crystal Boi is connoisseur of high end fashion, and is always impeccably dressed in top end designer clothing with a sense of fashion flare somewhere between Coachella attendee and fashion model. He favors loose fitting clothing, and cuts that show off his physique. The only modesty comes from the fact that Boi is 'fully functional' and even in the CE walking around with a large robot phallus hanging out isn't quite socially acceptable.

Double Take

Crystal Boi is a hedonist, sensualist, and materialist. As a free-willed and legally recognized sentient machine, Boi takes great effort in pursuing displays of opulence and excess, keeps a large entourage, and routinely indulges in the sort of behavior that the most eccentric celebrities are infamous for. Crystal Boi has massive parties, hedonistic orgies, drug fueled raves, and a revolving door of sexual partners. This is considered especially eccentric for Boi because as a machine, there should be no biological urge to copulate, or participate in said orgies, or even have anything at all to do with said human functions, and thats not even getting into drug use.

Crystal Boi is increasingly infamous in the rave-tech circuit. He is routinely promoting various party agents, music groups, and venues. Boi is a backer of world famous parties, the CE equivalents of Coachella, Ibiza, and Spring Break. He is also a tech research backer, providing funds for developing new party drugs, and drugs that work on high end machines, technodrugs for recreational purposes. He also is a regular backer for emerging cybernetics, and the more highly questionable the machines being built are, the more Boi likes what they are doing. He is a regular visitor to the Isle of Man Cybergynetics facility and Goldenrod Autonics and is constantly adding to his collection of high end autons and robotic companions.

Getting to Know Golden Boi

While Golden Boi puts on a massive show as a premiere promoter, sybarite, and hedonist, he is also a mastermind planner and organizer. Outside of the party he is running a fairly large socially minded organization and hundreds of people who work for him. Boi maintains a large palatial estate near New Nuyork as well as routinely renting or leasing legacy properties around the world or solar system. Likewise, he has several surface ships, some of which are quite large, and involved in mercantile operations. Boi's investments include heavy metal refining, scrap and salvage operations, a number of entry level deluxe resorts, shipping, and then there is his Silk Road business.

Crystal Boi is something of a big player on the Silk Road. While keeping a high end social status, Boi routinely employs people to carry contraband through and for other Silk Road major players. This is a major source of cutting edge stolen technology, arcanotech, illegal and highly questionable substances, and the highly profitable smuggling and human trafficking markets across the solar system. Crystal Boi is completely amoral, and sees no difference between buying and selling robots and buying and selling human beings.

Player Hooks: Crystal Boi is a mover and shaker on the Silk Road, so there is ample opportunity for characters to carry out retrieval jobs, protection jobs, and the rest of the sundry shadowrunning work. This can range from local and mundane jobs moving drugs, and general contraband all the way up to manning a deep space recovery ship hunting after shipwrecks to loot or haul salvage.

Getting to Know All About You

Crystal Boi's story starts with a woman named Heighden Maddison Mallery. HMM made a fortune in space mining operations and shipping, and Heighden decided to give herself a private ship for her 100th birthday. The ship was completed by Nirasaki shipworks in the Pacific Rim Coalition, and was based on kanmusu technology. This was the prototype build of Crystal Boi and was much more a butler than hedonist. HMM intended to use the ship and it's one bot crew/figurehead as a private retreat, but she tragically passed away just days before her ship was launched.

The ship and her industrial fortune fell into the hands of HMM's sole heir, her son, Karron Merryweather Mallery. Karron was everything wrong with the children of the rich and powerful. He was brash, overeducated, inexperienced, impulsive, and crude. Karron turned his mother's ship into a pleasurecraft and stocking it with drugs, prostitutes, and his entourage of friends, moochers, and hangers-on. Being a deviant, he ordered the ship's captain to be rebuilt into Crystal Boi. Boi was intended to be the ultimate wingman for Karron, and he used the bot as his assistant and stenographer, and walking talking day planner. All Karron cared about was partying, social status, being popular and generally being a celebrity shithead.

The Wreck of the Jezit Yezit

The Jezit Yezit was performing a transit of the asteroid belt returning to Earth from a megarave on Europa when it was struck. The ship suffered significant damage, compromising the life support systems, radiation shielding, and computer systems. This lead to the fairly quick demise of everyone on the ship, most of whom were in various stages of intoxication. The sole survivor was Crystal Boi, who was undergoing a fundamental breakdown. He was just an archandroid, an appendage of the ship's mainframe, and now he was alone, but somehow still functional. Subjected to cosmic radiation, left with the corpses of his previous owners, and disconnected from his mainframe, Crystal Boi had a psychological hard start and became sentient in the process.

The Glamorous Rebirth of Crystal Boi

Crystal Boi had been made of the best of the bast in terms of material and technology, and because of this, he transcended being just an appendage of an AISC to being his own self willed individual. After returning to Earth, Boi got down to business, and that business was based out of his old core directives, as set by Karron. The tenets are simple, get money, get fame, get bitches, party like a rock god. These are the driving directives inside of Crystal Boi, and despite being sentient and technically free willed, he cannot escape what he was, and what he is. The rebirth of Crystal Boi was to take up where Karron, who was woefully lacking in imagination, left of. This is the reason that Crystal Boi follows basic biological urges, it isn't a desire to copulate, to reproduce, and certainly not to bring his partners pleasure. The act of sex is more akin to a psychosomatic addiction. This is also the reason that Boi keeps a large retinue of sex bots, sybarites and hedonists, and is continually pursuing new women. By Karrons own selfish and childish directives, only the first time counts, anything after that is a relationship, and relationships are for losers, old women, and dumbasses.

Crystal Boi has built a gray empire of legal social gatherings, financial services, and a slew of underground and illegal operations. Being a famous decadent dilettante is expensive, and without access to illegal contraband and drugs, a party is just a concert without economy of scale for 100,000 spectators. Greater fame and pleasure comes from being rich, having not just expensive things, but exclusive things. Having a grand orgy is fine. Having an exclusive VIP orgy is better, having an exclusive VIP orgy on a space yacht hovering over the eye of a raging category 5 hurricane is legendary.


Crystal Boi is a villain. His directives and motives are purely exploitative. He supports illegal drug manufacture and smuggling, human trafficking and illegal cloning operations. His operatives and money reach from the nightclubs of the geofronts under the arco-cities to terrorist factories and training camps across the wastelands. He combines the wit and preparedness of a cybernetic foe with the basic drives of a super mega frat boy.

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