Isle of Man Cybergynetics

The field of Cybergynetics was created and trademarked by the Isle of Man research group. The field is based around the core concept of creating replacements for women within human society. The field has been lucrative as the demand for household autonics and gynoids as well as professional applications remains high. The group largely gets a pass for its misogyny simply because they are both small, and easily shuffled under stacks of reports and earnings reports.

Isle of Man is a research accelerator that dominates the field of humanoid robotics and is well known for the incredibly high quality of the work they do. The group itself does very little concrete work, but instead is contracted by other technology firms for subcontracting design and engineering projects.

The Agenda

The ultimate goal of the Isle of Man group is to create a viable society that doesn't require the existence of women as equals to men. The group doesn't want to recreate the villainous Patriarchy of the Petroleum Era, they want to completely remove organic women, leaving the whole of society consisting of men and their female shaped creations.

The agenda of the group is no secret. The headquarters and researcher center for the group is located on the actual Isle of Man, and there are no women allowed on the island. Most people brush the group of as isolated crackpots, or as a much smaller, doomed to fail, male version of New Themyscira.

Leader and Founder

Isle of Man Cybernetics was pioneered rather innocently as a standard issue research accelerator with an emphasis on cybernetics and autonic engineering, but largely willing to accept whatever contracts came their way. The founding scientists were predominantly women, and had extensive experience in designing autons, as well as a handful of former military designers. They did a large amount of work on basic and civilian use autonics, and surrogate droids.

The Isle of Man Cybernetics group was taken over from inside. A number of the military designers had different ideas about the direction of the company, and one by one they orchestrated a pincer movement against the board of directors. A number of outside groups expressed an interest in purchasing Isle of Man, while the misogynist faction within the company fed those outside parties details as well as providing data leaks about the board members themselves. A number stepped down because of this, and Isle of Man was taken over by the the Military Acquisitions and Research Symposium (MARS group)

Current Director

The Director of Isle of Man Cybergynics is one Modris Johnson, who more commonly goes by the alias MoJo. Modris is not one of the original members of the company, but is rather a relentless and ruthless cyberneticist. He was somehow associated with MARS and was placed there as their man on the inside. he has since taken over the research group and runs it like his own tinpot dictatorship.

MoJo is a major proponent of cybernetic augmentation, and a serious user of the technology. From the waist down, MoJo is a quadruped mechanical walker, and his spine and large sections of his brain have been upgraded with cybernetic components. He is still a morbidly obese man with jaundiced yellow skin, an oversized mouth, and an utterly foul appetite for food, drugs, and sex. He has permanent connectivity to the Isle of Main mainframe, and the data feeds that run through it, and he spends most of his time plugged into these feeds, sometimes experiencing multiple simulations at the same time. There are rumors that he has implanted secondary brains, grown from his own cell samples, and then implanted into his corpulent body.

MoJo has an entourage of his product, gynoids and hitome units. Some of these are considered retro and vintage, while the majority are cutting edge samples of Isle of Man technology. It is relatively common for these femmebots to be sexually serving MoJo at any given time, stimulating what can only be described as a mass of horror protruding from a bulge on the bottom of his walker chassis. When exposed, MoJo has a cluster of penii that dangle grotesquely like the udders of a sick yellow cow. There is also an anus like orifice that the femmebots with stimulate with their fists while performing fellatio on the peens. Most who have to encounter MoJo face to face are horrified by him, his stench, and the way he is either eating like a needle toothed frog or being stimulated by a half dozen femmebots at a time.


IoMC has three major facilities on the island. The largest facility is the research center, which houses the mainframe, MoJo's alcazar and medical support equipment, manufacturing and prototyping equipment, and other industrial systems. The number two facility is the scientist and staff residential unit, which has the ability to house up to 3000 members and their families, though that number is closer to a few hundred. All of the residents are single, widowed, estranged, or otherwise have no familial connections. The number of femmebots and autons is much higher, closer to 5000 units in service. These units care for the menial and mundane tasks around the facilities, and the average employee resident has 3 femmebots for entertainment purposes. The third building houses the logistics center. This center houses a number of craft, including MoJo's personal yacht, light cargo ships for accepting and delivering their robot cargo, and supply dumps for food, fuel, and raw materials for the main facility polyforges.

The IoMC polyforges can produce autons as droids in as little as 12 hours, including super high grade class V droids that can pass as human unless they are given medical exams.

Basic Products

IoMCs most common products are not much more than Class 2-4 droids, machines that can pass for human easily at a distance but are generally recognizable as being synthetics up close. These droids are typically custom jobs, either for discerning customers, or as prototypes and proof of concept units that are used for corporate presentations. Many of these prototypes go on to mass production, and contrary to their reputation, the majority of their prototypes are masculine or gender neutral units that are used for military, industrial, and not companionship use.

Black Market Work

IoMC does a lot of black market and off the books work. Their profit margin and access to the various technologies they've pioneered in droid works allow them to indulge in some dark fantasies. They also supply parts and droids to various terrorists, splinter factions, separatists, known criminals, and anyone willing to supply IoMC with money and fodder for their own dark pleasures.

Lolibots - one of the most highly questionable of IoMC's black menu include Lolibots, femmebots designed to look and act like children. They have sophisticated cortices that allow them to have high emotional feedback ranges and to emulate everything about children. While originally created as Expy bodies for parents who lost their children, MoJo ordered that a fully functional version be created, since child expy units are by law, gender neutral. There is a disturbingly high demand for IoMC to produce these units, distributing them on the black market and the Silk Road.

Thinspobots - fairly close to skeletrons, thinspobots are impossibly thin droids, having gaunt and emaciated features, and many are designed to be hyperflexible, much like Aeon Flux. These femmebots are often disturbing to look at with their bodies being designed to express the absolute limit of how thin a human being can be.

Lotus-Bots - a lotus-bot is a mundane femmebot with full sexual function but is designed to carry and deliver drugs by bodily contact. The origin was for femmebots to dispense erectile dysfunction drugs for their owners, but MoJo's bots are pumped full of stimulants, narcotics, hallucinogens, and some have straight up poisons and toxins in them. Some of these are MoJo's assassins, some are his personal juice boxes.

Pregnotron - the pregnotron is a femmebot replica of a pregnant woman.

Autowomb - installed in a pregnotron, this allows a pregnotron to become a gestater and bring an embryo to term. It cannot be impregnated, it isn't biological, but rather the embryo has to be implanted. MoJo has a steady supply of his own heavily mutated offspring gestating in a number of autowombs. It is best to not ask what he does with the infants when they come to term.

Masogynoid - a femmebot that was made to be vigorously abused and beaten, one that has a cortex capable of feeling pain, terror, and having a shell that is capable of bleeding and healing. The creation of these abuse bots pushed the envelope on auton design, allowing for the development of the Class V series, the machines that can cry and bleed.

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