Tall and lanky, with a strong farmers back, clean shaven with a nick or two from the last time, straight blonde hair covers his eyes, and he sports a thick blonde mustache. He has a tall neck and a large adams apple which can become distracting when he talks.
Cristo runs a corn farm, one that has been in his family for generations. One problem with corn is how it attracts animals especially large birds such as crows. This was a hazard of farming around the county, as the birds had become much smarter due to evolution, magic, or perhaps they were always smart but playing dumb as Cristo says. The scarecrows have never worked, even glamours and spells have been unsuccessful.
Cristo began to run after crows in his field, never catching them but scaring them from the stalks for a good 15 minutes, after which they would return, and continue eating. This constant battle wore Cristo down and forced him to pick up the bow, which he found he had a natural affinity for.
The First Time
Twang, went the string, the arrow missing a large male crow, and snapping back at Cristos fingers. He had missed, but was undeterred. Three had taken to flight, while one continued feasting.
Cocking another arrow, he aimed carefully, and let fly into the air, felling one of the ebony devils. The fourth, seeing this gave off a caw and rose to the air.
'You're not gattin off that easily..' He answered back loading another arrow, and releasing it into the black bird. It hit the ground some distance away, and he collected the carcasses to show the other farmers.
Special Equipment

His bow is simple, made of the wood from a yew tree and painted yellow. He almost always has his bow and a few arrows with him, each arrow has black raven feather fletchings made from those he has killed.
He may carry a scythe but not as a weapon, he could be found with any number of farmering implements and seeds in the planting season.
Roleplaying Notes

Very nice and friendly, loves to tell his stories of hunting as if he was going up against a great dragon.
May hunt the PCs if they enter his field until he finds they are human and not large crows.
He will act very cautious of any character who has a black bird for a companion or familiar.

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