The Yautja Helmet is relatively simple to break down into CE tech. It offers good armor protection against head shots, has multiple vision modes (thermal, low-light, UV, EM), the targeting component of a SmartGun system tethered to whatever weapon is being carried, or is mounted to the armor, and a vocal modification and playback system. Stylistic elements aside, most of these features are common to upper range armor suit helmets, plus an integral communication system. The helmet does have a respirator/rebreather system, that can allow the wearer to operate in toxic or contaminated conditions, or in less than optimal atmospheric conditions. Most basic armor systems can have this feature added as an external fixture.

Cloaking Device:

The Cloaking Device is mimicked by a personal sized Mirage system. This allows the user to bend light around them and go unnoticed. The effectiveness of the system is undermined by close observation, as the optical deflection itself can be seen as a distortion. The system can be shorted out by excess moisture, electric based damage, or being hit with an energy weapon can disable it.

Arcanotech errata: The Personal Mirage Field Generator has a secondary limitation, prolonged use of the system can cause mental and physiological issues, the former tied to being overlooked or the fear of fading from existence, the latter from the equivalent of radiation exposure.

Wrist Gauntlet:

The Wrist Gauntlet is an unusual device, composed of a Wrist-Comp or Pip-Boy style computer, a high power microexplosive, and typically an integrated weapon, such as extendable claws or a short range energy weapon. The Wrist-Comp system is simple enough, as is the integrated weapon, both are just tied into the same forearm bracer. The microexplosive has to have a very high energy density as the explosive itself is going to be about the size of a normal accessory battery, but generate an explosion on par with a sub-kiloton atomic, or thermobaric fuel-air explosive.

The Wrist-Comp is a common accessory to almost all basic power armor, and combat gear suits, simply from it's multitude of uses. Likewise, it is common for hold out weapons and melee weapons such as hyperedge or lightning claws and point blank ranged weapons to mounted in wrist mounts. The self destruct system is typically left out, because the Yuatja use it to clean up their failures, and to commit honorable suicide if a hunt fails.


The Med-Kit contains a number of pre-measured doses of chemicals useful to a hunter, including medical implements for treating major cuts, puncture wounds, and other forms of physical trauma. The kit also includes physicals stimulants, antiseptics, and one would assume a sundry compliment of anti-toxins and such. The Yuatja, being somewhat masochistic in their demeanor, do not seem to include any sort of painkillers in their medkits.

The CE equivalent is a basic medical field kit, plus a non-computer controlled manually administered ChemAug System. The soldier in the field could use information from the Wrist-Comp to guide him, along with basic training to treat either his own wounds, or those of an injured comrade.

Armor Suit:

The Yuatja Hunter's Armor is somewhat laughable from a pragmatic perspective. While it does have a breastplate, pauldrons, greaves, bracers, and so forth, a large section of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, and elbows exposed save for basically alien fishnet material. The armor also proves vulnerable to the claws and tail stabs from xenomorphs presenting a somewhat dubious quality of materials.

The CE equivalent would be a stripper-ific suit of Wastelander Armor, or similarly cosmetically compromised Standard Light Armor sans any power assist for movement or strength. This would be a really bad idea to actually wear as it provides no protection from biological or chemical contaminants, plus functionally no protection from shrapnel, area effect and other heavy weapons.


The Yautja are distinguished by their weaponry, which is based around highly lethal melee weapons and plasma technology.

Plasma Caster

The signature weapon of the Yuatja is the shoulder mounted Plasma Caster. It is a short range, high power weapon capable of doing large amounts of damage. There is a variant of the weapon that is hand-held. Either version can be slaved to the helmet targeting system.

The CE equivalent is the Plasma Pistol and Plasma carbine. Both are high energy weapons, capable of slagging through most infantry armors, and are capable of dealing damage to larger armored vehicles. These weapons are arcanotech in nature, and as such are temperamental, and generate blow back heat, radiation, and can cause sunburns on those too close the the weapons when they are used. Prolonged use of plasma weapons typically results in skin cancer.

Melee Weapons

The Yautja frequently used spears, whips, claws and a variety of other edged and piercing weapons in their eternal hunts. The weapons were all designed to cut and slash through the toughest and densest hides, carapaces and other biological armors. Rather than demonstrating any technological advantage, these weapons were only powered the Yautja's size and strength.

The CE equivalent is hyperedge technology. This technology allows swords, axes, and other edged weapons to cut through things that should shatter or otherwise destroy them, such as using a sword to cut the limbs off of a power armor trooper, bisect a combat droid, or slice through a concrete door to a bunker. As a function of arcanotech, the blade is not quite a vibro-weapon, and not quite an energy reinforced weapon, but some of both and a few others as well.

Arcanotech Errata: hyperedge weapons are both popular and common among mercenaries, bounty hunters, anti-insurgency forces, and other highly aggressive groups. The possession of a hyperedge weapon also typically comes with a major attitude and anger issues. This isn't a function of the technology corrupting the user.

Disc Drones

The Yuatja will make use of chakram, shuriken, and other throwing weapons in their pursuit of prey. These weapons can change course, and be operated remotely by the yautja who threw them, and some will return to the thrower, while others with chase down prey until they hit something. Others will detonate with force exceeding a typical hand grenade.

Rather than the typical aerial drone, the CE equivalent is a throwing weapon with a micro A-pod inside of it, allowing for a short amount of in flight manipulation, or a return to sender function. The internal power source has to provide energy to the A-pod, the guidance and control system, and either a hyperedge perimeter, or a proximity system tied to an explosive charge. Such things are possible, but an expensive use of a lot of miniaturized technology.

Exotic Weaponry

Being hunters involved in a cultural sport, exotic weapons are a big deal among the Yautja. This includes net launchers, whips, pole arms, and anything else that they can think of to use in their cultural pursuit of recreational hunting. They mix the showmanship of gladiatorial combat with the usual most dangerous prey trope, giving them a good deal of equipment to draw from.

With arcanotech and a little imagination, there is no limit other than imagination as to the weapons that can be created, especially in the context of limited production, or one off pieces made on commission.

Vehicles and Other Items


The Yuatja mother ship is a FTL capable vessel with plasma based weaponry capable of engaging and destroying human spacecraft the size of modern cruisers and battleships. (The veracity of this cannot be cited, as it is possible that the one incident of Yuatja vs Terran space combat was a fluke, lucky shot, or surprise attack, plus the ship attacked was technically a troop transport, and not an actual capital warship). The ships retain the optical cloak, and have facilities to launch, service, and collect Yautja scout craft.

In the CE, FTL travel hasn't been figured out yet, so this ability will remain unavailable. The Mirage system was originally intended for spaceships, and as mentioned before, high energy weapons are available in the setting, but are not the preferred weapons for space combat. Instead, most Terran warships favor lasers, guided missiles, and rail guns.


The Yuatja built pyramids to house xenomorph queens, and then used the structures as customizable hunting facilities after stocking them with sacrificial victims for the facehuggers to impregnate.

A CE research arcology could serve the same function, housing something really nasty (for example) as well as a training facility not unlike the Danger Room of X-men fame, a contained version of Ninja Warrior's Mount Midoriyama, or a more dangerous incarnation of the stages of American Gladiator.

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