Filly Buster is a 31 year old caucasian woman with medium length blonde hair, average to lean build, high charisma, and a mean streak wide enough for an interstate. She is attractive, or at least attractive enough, and knows how to play with what she has. She can play the dumb blonde, the innocent waif, or can cinch up her breasts, put on lipstick, and go full Karen.


The outward Filly Buster is a consumate actress and she can be whomever she needs to be.

The professional Filly Buster is a ball-busting bounty huntress and social chameleon.

The Inward Filly Buster is a sociopathic sadist and narcissist who enjoys harming others, emasculating men, and defacing/maiming women.

Special Skills:

Filly Buster's main skill is charisma, and she can use this to get out of trouble, redirect authority, or very effectively as a means of taunting. In other words, she can play innocent, delegate action, and chirp like a hockey player.

She has a skill cluster around Disguise, Acting, and Diplomacy.

When attached to a group that has electronic/surveillance backing, she is a formidable Face.

She has a secondary skill cluster around Dodge, Evasion, and Subterfuge.

Special Equipment:

The source of her neckname, the Fillybuster is a five barrel linear gun. While capable of firing five different munitions at the same time, or five rounds at the same time, this is really not the purpose of the weapon. Its preferred ammo load is a five spike net, large enough to immobilize a medium or large target if it is pinned against a wall. Being hit by one of the five spikes is enormously painful, and if it hits in the wrong place, it can be fatal. Filly Buster likes to use it to immobilize her foes before dispatching them, or having her way with them.

Aside from access to ships and pyramids, Filly Buster has general access to Psycho-hunter equipment.


filly Buster is a bounty hunter/lancer anti-hero who can as easily start as part of the good guy's team and switch or start as a right out of the gate blood hunter. She's pretty, charming, and no one believes claims of what a horrible person she is, and even random strangers will side with the pretty blonde woman over just about anyone. She should be able to foil the heroes several times, ruin their plans, maybe hurt some feelings and behave in an emotionally scarring manner, before the heroes are able to deal with her.

It's Amber Heard with a ludicrous gat

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