Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage is first and foremost a CogNet celebrity, the star of many martial arts high intensity action movies. He is a bare chested, muscular Amero-Caucasian with a penchant for shooting off one liners, and uses a flashy showman style karate when fighting. He is an accomplished parapsychic, with most of his devotion channeled into somantic arts such as hyperstrength, hyper durability, and delivering flying telekinetic kicks. One of Cage's signature moves is the ability to deliver a stunning hand strike against the pubic nerve, affectionately called the Nutcracker.

Cage is the recipient of muscular augmentation, and has undergone several cosmetic procedures to make him the Most Handsome Man in the Republic of California. He is the quintessential celebrity, and has absurd things like cloned tigers, a harem of nubile nymphettes, a large retinue of sycophants, and typical celebrity hangers on. He attends red carpet soirees, dates supermodels, drives a flying Bugatti aerocar, and is a very good martial artist. This comes from the fact that the punches and kicks he is capable of delivering would shatter steel, and turn bone into pulp, he has to train regularly to be able to control his abilities so he doesn't kill his costars in filming.

Liu Kang

Liu Kang is a Shaolin Monk, and a member of the White Lotus Society, an organization devoted to fighting the forces of evil, and darkness. To this end, he s no longer a pacifist devoted to the protection of life, he is a warrior devoted to destroying the evils of the world. He is a Chinese Asian of exceptional physical build, and even more exceptional skill in martial arts. He favors Jeet Kun Do, and the Monkey and Dragon styles of Kung Fu. Liu Kang is a leading operative of the White Lotus, and while he doesn't sit with it's reverend elders, he does have some influence with them. He is one of the Pillars of the society, and frequently undertakes missions either alone or leading a team to fight the enemies of the Society, China, and mankind.

Kang is a powerful parapsychic martial art, with strong abilities. His telekinetic ability is only matched by his pyrokinesis. The bare chested monk is able to channel his power into somantic powers, deliver incredible flying and bicycle kicks, and the elemental power of hurling fireballs, delivering thermal punches, and make acrobatic and athletic feats that are humanly impossible.


Sub-Zero is a top level member of the Lin Kuei ninja clan. The Lin Kuei have existed in the shadows of China for several thousand years and prior to the advancement of arcanotech they were a martial arts ninja clan that sold its services as assassins and thieves. Afterwards, they were on the front of parapsychic development, using ancient scrolls and new technology to unleash parapsychic ninjas into the shadow wars of the far east. Sub Zero is a cryokinetic master of the shotokan fighting style, and uses many of the classic tricks and tools of the ninja, shuriken, smoke bombs, and enhances it with hyperedge ninjatos, kinetoflexive body armor, and his almost godlike power of cryokinesis.

Sub Zero is becoming a pathologically evil individual, and this corruption is increasing his cryokinetic powers. As his power expands, so does the withering of his humanity. While this has benefitted the Lin Kuei, the elders of the clan are rightly concerned that the cold ninja is a problem that will have to be dealt with one way or another.


Scorpion is the last remaining member of the Shirai Ryu ninja clan. Hanzo didn't survive, but his desire for vengeance did. He rose from the dead during the Second Dark age, a combination of infernal sorcery and a manifestation of arcanotech accident. The ninja remains on earth, an immortal and damned being, with very strong parapsychic abilities, especially pyrokinesis, and combat related somantic powers. His signature murder weapon is his kunai, a semi-sentient spearhead on a rope.

Scorpion is functionally a Desolate One, no longer human. He has access to 2 to 4 times the normal amount of parapsychic 'fuel' and as such can do more for much longer, and his Desolate One status makes him nigh invulnerable to injury, and even if he is 'killed' the ninja is able to resurrect himself a short time later, typically in the ruins of the Shirai Ryu temple ruins, or his old body, if it is still intact. More than one group has thought it brought down the mighty Scorpion and delivered the body to their masters only to have the master ninja rise and slay them all, as it was part of his plan.


Raiden is the vengeful god of thunder if you ask him. He has demonstrated impressive martial arts abilities, with comprehensive skill in jujitsu, judo, and and tae kwon do. He also has a legendary level of electrokinesis, and has demonstrated the ability to fly and control the weather. The self proclaimed God of Thunder is loosely allied with the White Lotus Society and considers himself a force of Good and is devoted to protecting the Earthrealm from those who would destroy it.

Raiden is a parapsychic burner, he has channeled so much cosmic power that he cannot turn it off. This manifests by him constantly throwing off arcs of lightning, and randomly levitating. This prolonged state of burn has been ruinous on his sanity and psyche, and there is almost nothing left of his previous self and in the depths of his insanity, he has adopted the guise of a divine being of retribution. At this point, between his desire for protecting the Earthrealm and his impressive power manifestation, he might as well be one.

Sonya Blade

A member of the elite Special Forces Department of the Republic of California, Sonya Blade is a tough as nails paramilitary police officer, trained and augmented to bring in the biggest baddest criminals that the west coast underworld can create. To this end, she has enhanced strength, agility, and the Siren BioMod, which enhances her appearance, adds pheromone pumps, and concealed toxin/venom sacks. In addition to dealing out hand to hand damage with master level kenpo and tae kwon do, carrying pistols, hyperedge daggers, and knowing how to operate military hardware, she has the ability to deliver stunning bites, or poisonous bites, of even spit fire depending on what the sacs are filled with.

Sonya is a low level parapsychic, and has only manifested limited somantic ability. She supplements her limited parapsychic ability by using paratech, energy devices and weapons that lack power supplies, and are instead activated and powered through accessing a parapsi's latent ability. Sonya's bracelets manifest psi-blasts that appear as glowing energy orbs, and can throw fireballs as well.


An outstanding member of the Black Dragon Society, Kano is a criminal mastermind and urban warlord. He has clashed with law enforcement many times, and has come away from those encounters mutilated and disfigured. As a result of this, he is now a cyborg, equipped with a dozen concealed weapons, knives, one shot weapons, and other goodies. Kano leads a large portion of the Black Dragon, and keeps control over his drug and tech running cartel with intimidation, brutal street fighting, and aikido demonstrated with a vicious joint shattering technique.

Kano is a martial arts capable street level cyborg. His hardware is low tech, but very durable, and his combat cortex allows him to chip slot in whatever style of fighting he feels like using. He has no parapsychic manifestations, but his cybernetics (many are black market military grade) chemical augmentations, and utter ruthlessness makes him more than a match for many opponents. His use of street fighting, fighting dirty, and improvised weapons makes him a very dangerous opponent.

Shang Tsung

Shang Tsung is a martial artist/occult scholar/sorcerer who has been investigating the secrets and mysteries behind the fundamental powers of the universe. As such, he is a very accomplished parapsychic martial artist, specializing in snake, crane and mantis style kung fu, as well as being a well versed sorcerer who has stolen souls, can shapeshift into other people, and has traveled to realms beyond the boundaries of the Earthrealm. He is a master manipulator, morally bankrupt, and has soul his soul to alien gods for ancient secrets and arcane power.

Shang Lao


Reptile hails from the wastelands of north China and Mongolia, where centuries ago, war tore the land apart and mammoth Neo-soviet tanks and Chinese combat walkers still on occasion slug it out. As a mutated wastelander Reptile was left with scales, and a the emotional disconnection of his namesake. The young man, deeply disturbed and sociopathic, was adopted by the Lin Kuei and trained in the arts of martial combat, where he honed his mind, learned the importance of duty, and later erupted as a parapsychic. Reptile believes himself to be the last remaining member of an alien reptile dinosaur race, and it's just easier for everyone to agree that this is true, because its easier to accept than to force the powerful warrior that he is just a mutant with really scaly bad skin and an acidic secretions issue.

Reptile is a mutant characterized by having scales on large portions of his body (giving him a degree of natural armor) acidic secretions, and his blood is acidic, his saliva is acidic, and lets just say he is VERY unpopular with the ladies because that is acidic too. His parapsychic abilities manifested in the traditional somantic pattern common in Lin Kuei training, and he retains a powerful photokinetic ability that allows him to bend light around himself to functionally become invisible. This is his oldest power, as it stems from his self loathing and not wanting people to look at him and his mutant freakishness. He is deeply disturbed, and has about half the normal amount of sanity, and he genuinely believes himself to be an exile from an alien world devoured by alien gods and if he doesn't fight well the alien gods will come to Earth and destroy it too. Reptile, in his delusion, fights for us all.


Also called Prince Goro, The Prince of Pain, and the Dragon's Claw, he is technically a cosmic horror and abomination, as he was created from the fusion of a human victim, an officer in the Chinese military and a member of the Chinese Dragon Nationalist Party, and a creature he encountered in a dimensional fatigue event. Goro is a towering 9 foot tall, 700 pound engine of violence. He has four well developed arms, and has demonstrated parapsychic ability, including parasomantic powers, and pyrokinesis. Goro retains little personality from his original human form, and is a veritable King ruling a large swath of Mongolian wasteland.

Goro is what happens when a person kills and eats an elib. The tissues merged, and as an effect of the strange energies in a DF event, created a new hybrid species. Deeply insane, magnificently powerful, Goro is a serious threat to anything that faces him. He has the strength to tear power armor apart and can heft those weapons with ease. Likewise his parapsychic powers are impressive, allowing him to destroy things with fire and ripping things apart with force of will alone. In the Cosmic Era, Goro is one of the very small number of individuals who has taken on a mech in one on one combat and defeated the titanic machine.

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