Full Item Description
In the magic rich world of Tosa exists a series of minor magical items created by a number of utility cantrips specially developed by the wizards at the Paradoxian Crafter Hall. These are the Continual Stones. They are marble-sized stones are enchanted with the cantrip to heat, chill, froth, freshen, freeze and boil.

While adventurers endure hardships with easy and suffer under terrible conditions to complete their designated tasks they also like their comforts. After a month on the road an adventurer wants his beer chilled to perfection.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Continual Cantrips have become among the first magical spells Tosian mages learn. Armed with these very minor spells they create Continual Stones that they can sell for a few coppers. Retail prices are usually 5 coppers. These items are so ubiquitous that even rough peasants have a few. The spell will generally affect about 1 square foot of material.
Heat stones create a 1 square foot area of heat at 150 degrees. In a container of liquid it will raise the temperate to 180 degrees, 32 degrees below boiling.
Chill cools liquid to 40 degrees.
Froth causes a churning to carbonated beverages.
Freshen stones cause food to remain fresh for 4 times longer than usual. They are frequently kept in ice boxes, or with traveling food.
Freeze creates a 1 block of ice with the stone remaining accessible on an edge.
Boil raises a liquids temperature to 215 degrees.

These are only a few samples of the numerous varieties of Continual Stones. Others can be created to produce different effects including color change, flavor change, and detect or neutralize poisons.

Continual Stones are mainly sold to the general public and not to adventurers. Most adventurers have the ability to create these items easily. The drawback to these items is that they are very susceptible to disenchantment and dispelling. Most adventurers run across this kind of magic so often that these items need frequent replacement. However they are found in nearly all taverns and restaurants.

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