The country of Throntia is known for three things, its brutal human-dominance attitude, the immeasurable divide between the rich and poor, and its unending thirst for magic (Shameless, acoording to the Elves.)

Many of their productions are deadly and war-like, the most recent of which hail from the mind of Duke Alishtar Alishtov of the city of Haven. his sister, Emera, dabbles in more mundane magics, though her success is most likely due to her association with her brother and the mysterious dissapearences of her compettitors.

These items are intended for further detailing a household, for players that own keeps, or the moe imaginative players.

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Ring of house keeping: This ring produces the effects of a prestidigitation spell for the purposes of cleaning, coloring, heating and cooling. The wearer has unlimited access to this effect.

Ambient Orb: Each Ambient Orb comes with a reprogammable set of comand words that can be used to adjust the temperature and humidity of a room. Many are also set with nature sounds that can be triggered with another (set of) command word(s).

Ring of fertility/contraception: Relatively self explanitory, this rings can assist in or hinder humanoid reproduction. More expensive versions also allow for a choice of gender in the newborn.

Collar of grooming: Hounds are particularly popular among Throntian nobles, and this collar was designed with their owners in mind. Any dog or cat that dons a collar of grooming has its fur magically combed and cleaned at the moment it is messed. the collar also promotes the growth of fur ina balding patches and trims hair to the current standards for dog or cat shows. a seperate version of this, the bracelet of grooming, is often placed on messy children.

Rings of finding: Designed for parents, the rings of finding come in sets of up to 12. The wearers of any one of the rings instantly knows the location of the other rings, and by concentrating for one minute can determine the wearer.

The Sword of Fire, as posted here, could be a great domestic item.

Gloves of Hearth

The main Glove of Hearth is the Glove of Cleaning:

It is a simple magic items with three cantrips enchanted into them. "Clean"/ "Sweep"/ "Polish"

These gloves are simple long soft cloth gloves of a creme color with a redish agate monted at the wrist. The gloves are clean, but always look quite worn.

There are gloves that will help with cooking (Warm/ Cool/ Flavor/ Alter Flavor) and Laundry (Clean/ Brighten/ Press) and other tasks. Their stones will be different (Green and Blue for these stones). A well prepared household would have a variety of gloves to help with all domestic chores.

These are nothing more than Cantrip Gloves. Many appentices create domestic gloves to help them with their own mundane chores for their master AND because they can easly sell the items for some pocket cash.

HouseFolk Statuettes

These simple statuettes are appealing to a race of Fae creatures and will draw them to the household. One places an offering suitable for these pixie-like creatures and in return, they will perform moderate household chores while the homeowner and any other occupants are asleep. The appearance and materials used to craft these statuette varies wildly by region and culture, along with the tastes of the local Fae.

Leaving the statuette out without a suitable offering will result in the pixies not cleains, but creating disorder the first night. The second night, they will push the statuette onto the floor, or destroy it by some other means. The same holds true if any occupants attempt to spy upon the fae.

If especially offended, they might curse the incautious homeowner.

Statuettes must be placed in plain view to be effective. Those stored will not draw fae.