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June 24, 2016, 1:34 pm

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Collection of Rings


Collection of Arcane rings

01 Soul Swapper: (1)

The ring was forged out of precious metals, by the Royal high gold smith in the royal forge for the greedy king currently sitting on the throne in the ancient republic before man.

It has a golden red luster to it, and is holding a large facet of sea blue Sapphire. According to legend, it is this stone that is holding the soul and holds it for the moment while the swap is performed.

Legend had it, the king was not doing well, and in the moment of transition was transferred into a longevity prison that has never been confirmed.

02 Ring of Provisions: (7)

This ring was forged out of star iron and silver plated for the king of the predawn Republic. He then instructed the Queen, the Jester and the Horseman to select seven righteous Knights to wear to wear one and go forth to protect the people as best they could.

It is said that the knights received the rings as instructed, and that no man, woman or child was ever pour or starved as long as the nights carried out the duty as instructed.

03 Ring of the Fiery Shield:

Supposedly forged by a Fire daemon for the King's first Knight just before a war broke out.

The ring is holding one exceptionally clear fire Ruby, which is emanating the shield to protect the wearer. The iridescent glow of the shield easily burns wood and is said to melt lesser metals.

If a soldier, opponent or careless comes into contact with the shield itself the body of the unfortunate soul will burn to crisps in raging agony. It is said that the laugh o the Daemon could be heard at the time of such an occasion. Legends has it that the Daemon can take the soul from that body.

The shield has three settings, aside from the overall aura; Small round shield, medium round shield and large knightly type shield.

Caution; the shield doesn't stop magical or any other ethereal attacks, and is easily a liability against long distance weapons like crossbows, and more modern firearms as the projectiles may heat up while still continue through the shield.

04 Ring of Frigid Ice:

Crafted by a Which of the Arctic North for the Emperor of the southern Elves, just before a bloody war was about to break out.

05 The Alchemist's Seal:

The original ring was forged out of Star Silver by a legendary Chaos Dwarf who was simply known as the master of the forges of the deep mountains.

Elric the Alchemist fused his blue stone to the ring, before adding his seal under the stone.

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Comments ( 4 )
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Voted Cheka Man
June 15, 2016, 4:37
Only voted
Voted Mageek
June 16, 2016, 10:55
I can see a significant difference between this post and your first ones. The entries more or less follow the pattern (1) brief backstory, (2) physical description, (3) effect description.

Soul Swapper is intriguing. What is its intended use? As a player I sure wouldn't want to be put in a ring. As a DM I sure don't want my player stuck in a ring (okay, well not permanently). Furthermore, if I hated this greedy king enough to put him in a ring, why would I design it to release him and put someone else in there?

Ring of provisions doesn't have any meat to it. Reminds me of "Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone," but the Rings of Power were part of a much bigger mythos and had their own effects.

I imagine the Fire Shield Ring to take the form of a bright, fiery aura. What I like about it is that it has consequences - sure, it protects you from enemies, but your friends will also burn in they look at you or get too close. That being said, the description makes it sound o-p. Were I to use something similar I would probably have it act like a ring of blades spell but with fire instead.
June 16, 2016, 16:25
For an item, such as this it seems the better take. Straight forwards and directly to the point. While some may still be lacking or less then useful products, you will at least see exactly what you have. While I may have left too much up for interpretation on occasion.

Longevity seems the best option. An elder swaps body with a youth and can continue life almost anew.

I wouldn't call me the expert of that storyverse in any shape or form. While I can see this as the weaker of the entries.

The aura form would be the ultimate variety of the effect. Imagines a Dwarf running through a hoard of Orcs with the ring on.
A small or medium size classical shield would be more useful in protection of friends.
This could also become a serious liability if you have classical to modern long range weaponry available.
From description, it doesn't magic or similar entity protection, just physical objects. Which I guess I could have included already?

I could include a few similar Elemental shields too.
June 16, 2016, 21:29

Use your responses to make the sub better!

Here are some great ring-subs to look at for reference: Ring_of_Stone, The_Ring_of_Life, Ring_of_Fire. Note that they have detailed magical properties and histories. One doesn't need that much material for each, but it helps users read it and then know how to apply it or gain inspiration to come up with their own adaptation.

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