Full Item Description

While the Cloak of Dusk materializes around the wearers shoulders, much as a piece of cloth, it is without substance, a device of pure shadow and silence, woven by the goddess Kronath Herself from the edges of the Veil of Night, and placed around the shoulders of Her champion.

When Kronath noticed those who were pinned beyond by the power of the Light, She became at once furious, and filled with pity, but there was naught that She could do to bring them back to Her realm Herself, for Her Veil was pierced, and that which was done, could no be undone. And so, She began the crafting of a tool, fit for mortal hands, from the severed threads of Her Veil. It would suit to bring things from that world into Hers, wrapping them about with her darkness.

Bestowed first upon Kera Duskweaver, the Cloak of Dusk marks the champion of the Darkness, who brings death to the dead and living alike.

Magic/Cursed Properties

A fluid piece of shadow, the Cloak of Dusk brings certain, unending death to any whom it fully envelops, save the one who bears it, for it is drawn into reality through the death that awaits their own soul.

The Cloak can also be used as a weapon, drawn from the user's body, and flicked like a sickle or whip. Used thusly, it batters against the very life force that animates the creature attacked, removing directly the span of the days alloted to it if it was alive, or were it undead, it shatters away the bindings of the magic that hold it here, and alive, freeing it to return to death.

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