In ancient days, Alabrin, Lord of Light and Truth, looked out upon the young world, and he saw that there was much that was good within it. Yet, still, he saw those who insisted in living in the shadowed paths, in darkness and in secrets. And displeased, he gathered up the hosts of men who were sworn to him, and he sent them forth into the world to conquer, to bring his light to all.

And as they watched the hosts come, Hydiria, Queen of the Hidden Depths and Kronath, She Who Brings Tranquility, saw, and despaired. Scattered and tranquil, they knew their children would be as lambs before the slaughter, but they saw a way. Together, the Mistress of the Dark Waters and the Queen of Decay created a new thing, the sleeping sickness. As the hosts of Alabrin drank of the waters, they fell ill, then died, their bodies poisoned with decay from within.

Greatly enraged, Alabrin fell upon the Goddesses, screaming with rage, demanding to know what they had done to his people. Even as she drew her cloak of darkness about herself, Kronath answered him, her voice calm and certain. "They have been given my Tranquility, brother, the peace you sought to steal away from me."

The response came in a mighty roar of light, a scream of brilliance. "Then I shall destroy you utterly!" Though he flailed mightily with his blade, Alabrin could not cut flesh, but, with one tremendous thrust, he pierced not the body of his sister, but her veil, and from the hole there streamed the souls of his people. Torn between his assault and his people, Alabrin gathered up the souls of his children, as well as their bodies, and retreated, to unite one to the other once more, while his sisters fled into the depths and darkness.

Once a thing is done by the gods, it cannot be undone, and ever since, though Kronath has done her best to repair her cloak, there has been a path through which even the shadows of death itself can be pierced.

The Veil Piercing Light of Necromancy
Unto some of the most powerful of his children, the most confident, unshakeable, and glorious, the Lord of Light grants the power to pass beyond the shadows of death. Usually, this takes on four forms.

First, and most simply, the Necromancer of the Light can reach into the Shadows, and find the spirit of one who is dead, who resides in the realm of Kronath. While bound, the Holy Necromancer may speak with the spirit, who must answer with the truth, if it is known, bound as they are with the power of Alabrin.

Second, should the Necromancer have the whole, uncorrupted, and otherwise repaired corpse of the newly dead, he can reach into the Shadow Realm and draw forth the spirit, and bind it back into the body, effectively ressurecting it.

Thirdly, particularly powerful Necromancers may draw forth a spirit, and bind it not to its body, but to any luminescent object. The binding will last so long as the object continues to shed light, and the spirit thus bound may be driven to animate an otherwise inanimate object. It is rare for this spirit to have love or loyaly

Finally, the most accomplished of Necromancers may leave this existence and journey into the Nether Realms of Shadow, existing there as alien beings of Divine light, painful and burning to those who live there. There, the Children of the Light are most hated, for they disturb the eternal rest of the residents. It is difficult, but the dead will attempt to destroy the Necromancer as he walks among them.

Other things, too, may be possible beneath the auspices of the Lord of Light, but rest assured, that the dead will resent them, as will the Queen of Shadows...

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