This is a city on the border of the two Eleventi States, that of the Northern Ice Elves and the Southern Forest Elves. Though on the Southern side of the border, it borrows heavily from the Northern styles.

It is a mountain city. The Valley that defines the city is quite deep, the river has cut quite a channel here. It is also quite narrow. Here the Forest Elves have crafted hometrees out of the giant Pines and Redwoods from the southern faces of the range. The tall narrow trees are so close to the valley rim that there are dozens of bridges that link the valley rims to the trees. One can walk along the tops (or near the tops) of these trees on bridges and walkways that form a latlatticetween the two valley rims. The cairn barrier runs just along the rim of the valley, so one can occasionally see snow and such floating on it.

Since these trees are more narrow than broad, unlike most HomeTrees, there are more bridges, lines, and catwalks, than normally seen in an Eleventi city. It is practically a web of connections, almost like it was a city of spider elves.

Even given the magical CityCairns that provide protection from the greater cold and snow in the valley, it is still much colder than most Forest Elves can deal with. They have adapted from the Ice Elves and their Human Neighbors to the west. There are small A-frame lodges on the valley floor nestled between the trees and the embedded agriculture. There are Ice Elf lodge huts built into the branches of the HomeTrees. These intricately carved and decorated long lodges are of the Nordic cut. It appears odd that Lodge Huts are suspended in mid air on branches, but Forest Elves find it odd when they are not living in the trees. There are dozens of HearthStones out in the open, acting as "rest areas" along the paths.

There is a mix of white haired Ice Elves and blond Forest Elves here. The local population has a small mixed population, with pale blond Elves with vibrant purple eyes. These hybrids are only found here.

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