HearthStones are central to Elventi Culture. Without this first enchantment, Elventi society would not of flourished

A HearthStone is a stone disk. They are usually quite large, an arm span two in diameter (three to six feet); but smaller more portable versions exist (down to the size of one hand span.) These stones are intricately carved and carefully enchanted. The process takes a few weeks, but is well worth it. Once activated by a simple world (usually written on the stone), they will provide light and heat without fuel. This heat is quite intense and can be used for cooking as well as warmth in the forest nights. The Light can be quite bright and fill the room, or be near twilight in intensity.

The HearthStone is the focus of every Elventi dwelling. It dominates most common rooms in an Elventi house, as it is found in the center of said room. The use of HearthStones allows the Elventi folk to live in homes of living wood and live without having to resort to wood or oil fires.

Each HearthStone must be enchanted for a specific region, so they can not be imported from one place to another.

Magical Properties:
Each stone can be easily activated to generate a warmth and glow that is simular to a fire of moderate size. The Stones are enchanted as not to burn wood (which is good considering most Elventi homes are made of living wood).

There are more powerful version called ForgeStones, used to make metal and magical items.

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