Those that do not know the local vernacular might be confused by the contents of the Shadow Shop. A Shadow is anything that looks like a person. Chrisia's shadow shop sells dolls in a variety of sizes (from small toy size to life size) in a range of realism (from nice caricatures to nearly perfect in their simulation). They are made of wood, clay, and cloth mostly, painted almost perfectly. Most of them are toys (dolls mostly, but some puppets), some are statuettes, a few are mannequins, and a life sized ones in the back are for more special purposes. As one can guess, the costs vary greatly. She is sought after for her puppets and special shadows, as her articulation is nearly perfect.

There are many things you can do with this shop.
1) You see someone leaving in a coach, little do you know it is a Shadow in the coach leading you on a wild goosechase.

2) You think you have a body snatcher, but it is just a life sized shadow.

3) Coyns could complicate things...
A Bag of Beautiful Coyns
4) A new magical technology has been invented. All of a sudden, Chrisia's artistry is in high demand to make 'jacks
(System- X-Jacks)

5) An item that provides telekinesis or animation could make things interesting here.
Garage Sale From Hell

6) An evil madman wants a Shadow of a specific person. He will then steal their soul and stuff it in the Shadow for safe keeping. He can then put a demon in their body. How little does he know that the Shadow, under the light of the moon, will move on its own accord.
Garage Sale from Hell

7) Someone is putting on a puppet show with full sized shadow puppets. They are using their life sized puppets as a cover for their occasionally smuggling people and slaves in and out of an area.

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