The temple/ church in this sea side town is just another one. It is part of the common faith for the region. You might not give it a second glance.

However, it has something extra. It has an additional chapel with its own external door. Here, in this out of the way temple/ church is a major holy site. It is a powerful one. Miracles have occurred here, morso than any mere magic spell. There are relics here, from 'miracle ships' (those that have survived some terrible fate). There seems to be tons of candles illuminating the dark wood floors and seats and off white stucco walls with a warm glow. This is The Chapel of the Wayfarer.

Anyone who has lived by the sea has heard of this place, but few seem to really know where it is. It is the chapel dedicated to sailors and fishermen. Prayers for lost souls are heard here. Prayers for good weather and runs are heard here. Prayers for the lost, that they may find their way home, are heard here. Truly it seems the prayers are heard here. The locals and others, if pressed will tell you tales of what has happened here. People are known to travel for days (by boat usually) to pray here when it is important to them.

One lone priest is known to sit the chapel. He is always a former sailor or fisherman. The call of the sea pulled him here, just off the waves. When he dies or can no longer fulfill his duties, it seems that another arrives soon after to take his place.

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