Plot Description
While travelling along a little used roadway, the party hears a sharp cry for help coming from the woods to one side. when they investigate, they find, in a large clearing, a diminutive man holding a band of laughing brigands at bay, barely. Behind him stands a bubbling cauldron, and he is holding the large stirring spoon before him as a makeshift weapon. Just as the party enters the scene, one of the brigands makes a dart forward and lunges at the small man with his gleaming blade. The strike comes home on the man's arm, causing him to let out a yelp of pain.
Hopefully, the party is decent enough to take the brigands in hand and send them packing (they'll run before they fight). If so, then the man will ask for some help with his bleeding arm and then thank them for their help. He will then turn back to his cauldron and continue stirring. If asked, then he will inform them that his name is Grinning Bibleflibble (he will also make some snide remarks about his parents' sense of humor), and that he is a hedge-mage of some small talent.
Suddenly, he wil et a sly twinkle in his eye and offer the players a drink from his cauldron, though he won't tell them what it is on his own.
If 'pressed', he will grudgingly admit what his brew is, a magical potion to change the drinker into a fearsome creature. Fangs, claws, wings, scales; the whole sha-bang.
Once that much is out in the open, Grinning will continue that his village drove him out because they did not like the idea of him turning random monstrosities loose around the countryside. Then, when the brigands learned the nature of his brew, they demanded he give them some of it, believing that it would help them in their 'duties'.
Grinning tells them that he offered the party some out of gratitude and curiosity.

Maybe the effects wear off, maybe not. Grinning hasn't had enough time or subjects to properly find out what the effects are. One thing that Grinning won't tell the party, is that he used some very strange ingredients while he was creating the brew, and he doesn't know everything that they do. One of these is Moosewort, a dark brown shrub-like plant found in the forests nearby. Moosewort is a good cure for cramps, and also apotent narcotic. It is highly addictive, and gives violent halucinations. Moosewort also has adverse affects. It gradually shrinks the eyeballs of anyone who uses it, and it also eats away at their stomach lining. WHile the potion gives only a small dose, it is still enough to addict anyone.

Expanding the scenario
-Some of the brigands got away when the party attacked. Now they're feeling sore that they were beaten, and that the party got some of what they wanted, Grinning's brew. Now they
re out for vengeance.

-Grinning is always interested in how his potion works. It woud not be unlikely for him to check up on the players to see how things are going.

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